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As I said I’m assuming the source app (QEC) cares about where the data is going and intentionally blocks packets with address translation.

While websites and public apps usually don’t care and will accept data packets from any properly formed IP address, security ‘could’ block or ignore packets where there’s evidence of address translation (EG NAT or VPN)

@Harsulas could try providing the router IP, as-is, while they’re not truly ‘fixed’ they rarely change, and if the source doesn’t care, it should work. The external IP can be found in the router config.

One of my previous comments was wrong, about how the rerouting is handled in modern NAT. I put an edit in to clarify.

Here’s something mindblowing for the computer geeks, NVIDIA is now technically worth more than Amazon and Alphabet…

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Just bought a midrange video card of theirs the other day, and yeah I believe it.

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I’m still rocking a 1070. Prices are insane.

Don’t NVIDIA have 80% market share or something?

Given the decade long insanity of crypto mining that relies on GPUs and constantly needs the most powerful chips to stay viable and the emergence of GPU powered AI’s, it’s not surprising in the least.

Apparently it was the AI boom that did it? Still massive considering just how big Amazon and Alphabet are

I’ve got an option to buy an RTX3060plus but i’m currently running an RTX 2060 Super. Thoughts on whether it’s worth upgrading? I’d be getting the 3060 for $300

Really depends on what you’re playing and what fps you’re getting vs. What you want.

I’ve got a 2070super that’s being used for BG3 and also Master of Orion 2… so horses for courses.

Perhaps more importantly, Will it make you happier than having 300 in your pocket or a nice meal out with the family?

Not too fussed about spending the money. The wife just bought herself a whole load of clothes, so I’ve got plenty of brownie points, plus I got a nice pay rise at work.

More so some of benchmarks I’ve seen suggest that they’re almost identical in terms of what they can produce. In terms of what I’d use it for, more Call of Duty, Cyberpunk, Starfield etc.

What this is telling me is you need to build a new computer for the bedroom around your new 3060, so you can move between study (or wherever existing machine is now) and continue playing when it’s your wife’s bedtime, whilst still being in the same roomand thus a caring partner

If the benchmarks are largely the same I wouldn’t really bother, but I’ve not actually looked at GPU performance for ages

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I have been itching to build a new PC. Less so wanting to part ways with the $2500 though.

Benchmarking says your 2070 super is 16% faster than the 3060

Nvidia RTX 3060 vs RTX 2070 Super | WePC

I have a 2070 super and have no need for anything more powerful, even on a 41" ultrawide monitor. at 3680 x 1080

Sorry, got a 2060 super

Duh, my bad. The 3060 is about 3% faster in benchmarks

RTX 3060 vs RTX 2060 Super [18-Benchmark Showdown] (

haha cheers. Recon i’ll turn it down then. Our work IT guy was going to hook me up

For reference, i got this when i built my PC about 7 months a go.

Cost me $500. I wanted to make sure it was 12GB. The price dif between the 8GB ones and 12GB isn’t a huge amount.

A 3060 with 12gb is worth it for a bit of extra. If the guy was selling one at 8GB for $300… not bad but to upgrade from 2060 to 3060 you’d want to go for a 12GB one to make it worth while.


I just try to open my calendar on my desktop and it wants me to set up a whole fucking outlook account.

I just want a fucking calendar!

Do you have a google account? Maybe then google calendar would work well for this.