The Computer Thread


A thread that had a bit of life on the old forum that would probably be useful here.

I’ll get us started by asking for VPN recommendations.


I’m using Private Internet Access and have been for the last 3 years, good speeds, also they have web browser extensions for chrome and firefox if you just want to route your browser through the VPN (useful if you game online). Alternatively they have the regular desktop and phone app to send all traffic from your device through the VPN
Costs about $40/yr.


Thumbs up for PIA, has an Android app too, in conjunction with My Football channel on Youtube = free A-League streaming in HD


I did not know about that My Football channel on YouTube. Is it a legit stream? I’ve just been scabbing my brother in law’s Foxtel Go


Two SFCUers can’t be wrong! Thanks guys.


Its an FFA stream targeted to Japan and Canada and a few other places with no A-League broadcaster

You need to be using the vpn to see the live or recorded games


IPvanish is also decent, the cyber Monday sales have good yearly deals on VPNs


Hardware-wise, I got my biannual laptop update, a Lenovo Yoga 370, lovely machine reduced from $2500 to $1300


I use PIA as well, pretty happy with it, no complaints. Handy to be able to use it on my Android phone as well.


I use PureVPN… Approx $160 for 3 years… Have had zero issues with it. Works on my iPhone too.


I went and set up a PiHole on my home network a few months back. Best thing ever.
It’s basically a network wide advertising and telemetry filter. It’s unbelievable how much internet traffic is nothing but ads, tracking other data mining shite. 47.1% of all my internet queries apparently.


Thoughts on whether it would be a good business laptop mate? Just about time to upgrade mine.

Doesn’t need to run a heap of software - mostly cloud stuff really.


It would be an excellent choice, probably a bit overpowered, but I couldn’t resist the bargain.