The English Football Thread

Jose for the lols

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John Henry might get strung up by his toes if that happened.

Too soon for Ange, especially with Levy. Would be favourite next cab off the rank of the can keep it up.

Fucking Ange ball, insisting on playing out from the back when he has no business to do so. Spurs giving away so many unnecessary chances

edit…and they concede in the last few minutes and are out of the 1 trophy they had a chance of winning.

Supposedly Steven Gerrard is the favourite, fuck knows why.

Is that from the bookies? Surely just a ploy to suck in some idiots.

Everything I’ve read says that Xabi Alonso is?

Given Klopp told the club of his plans back in November I’d say that they’re already be a deal in place with his successor.

Cant say I’ve seen any reputable source saying Gerrard is the favourite. Highest I’ve seen him ranked is 4th (after Xabi Alonso, De Zerbi and Ljinders) but also seen Luis Enrique, Nagelsman, Zidane and even Ange before Gerrard.

If he was still at Rangers hed be getting it but no chance now.

I’d love Zidane to get a shot in England.

I wonder if he still wants to be a manager. He hasn’t had a manager position since Real Madrid in 2021.

Zidane is a preposterous idea. Not sure that a team with no real superstars other than Salah, who are entirely based on running and intensity would be able to be competitive with a guy like Zidane, who even before management was the ultimate luxury player.
He doesn’t speak English either.

I think there’s been a lot of talk of the bigger names in Saudi Arabia not being happy with the lifestyle etc. Plus Gerrard isn’t exactly doing well over there either

He just signed a 2yr extension too.

The Fulham Klan having a wild old time…



Is that a 1000 flag tifo?

One would REALLY hope so.

Either that or they’re representing the ghosts of their active support?

Nunez hit the woodwork four times against Chelsea this morning. It’s fucking amazing how many times he hits it. His figure for the season must be close to a dozen now.

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I thought Allison was supposed to be the best keeper in England?