The English Football Thread

How long with Mourinho last? Is this Liverpools year? Will City win another title or will Sarriball win out?

Liverpool have been damn impressive but I just can’t see them getting past City for the title.

Mourinho remains one of the most fascinating narratives going.

Luke Shaw went from being unable to get a game to a new 190k /w contact after 2 good games. Let’s hope they continue on with this line of thinking and give Jose another 5years after the crushing defeat of Newcastle

It may be early in the game, but it looks like Mourinho has already parked the bus. I’m going to predict 2-0 Chelsea

Chelsea up 1-0. If United lose this surely it’s bye mourinho?

Martial makes it 1-1. Geez, if Alonso wasn’t rolling around on the ground he could have prevented that goal.

Horrible news with a helicopter crash after the Leicester-West Ham game. Potentially had their own and manager on board.

Terribly saddening news

Sadly Vichai has been confined to of been on board and has died

Interesting article about the way the FA is trying to negotiate with clubs around foreign players and brexit:

Man U have let Mourinho go.

The Special One.

There’s been some really good writing on the Mourinho thing, but this for me has been the best. Really sumes up the way the whole vibe about Mourinho changed as Madrid effectively broke him, with some excellent parallels with Napoleon (the Bonaparte, not the pig):

I really like Ken Early’s take on the game on the Irish Times football podcast. He’s well worth keeping an eye out for.

An article on Foxsports website about why Man United are playing the way they are recently under Solskjær as opposed to the dross Mourinho had them dishing up…anyway this link was in the story which I can’t stop watching. From when Solskjær coached Molde FK(the video posted in reply underneath this ain’t bad either).

City vs Liverpool has been a bloody good game. I was expecting much more hesitation from one or the other teams.

There’s not much more predictable in world football than a Dejan Lovren shitshow.

Apart from an Anthony Taylor cock up that is - no idea how Kompany stayed on the pitch.

It certainly kept the title race interesting for now.

Also Chelsea and Arsenal dropping points recently helps United in the Champions League race.

What would it take for Solskjær to remain in the job?

Finishing in higher position than present in Prem and/or some wins/scalps in Champs League?

If he can qualify them for next years champs league, given where they are/we’re and how they’ve played so far, I reckon he stands a good chance. A win or two in this years champs league wouldn’t hurt either.