The Feature Request Thread

Use this thread to request features that you think would enhance the experience on the forum and/or the website.

Please be as specific as possible and try not to duplicate prior requests.

If you agree that a feature would be good, please ‘LIKE’ the post so we can see what our users want.

I’ll keep a list here of ones that we’re going to do.

Mentioned in another thread but a “who’s online” feature would be great.

(I’m on mobile so apologies if this has been implemented already)


On mobile be good to make the avatars 50% of what they are currently - equivalent to about 4 lines of text at present

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I agree with Moz. That’s what it currently looks like. Increasing the font size of the usernames on mobile would also be handy.

Yeah easy fixes I noticed that too.

Is there a post count somewhere? Think that could be cleaner than the current bar on the profile page with the current stats

Is it possible to make the forum automatically change Fornaroli to Fall’n’rolli every time it is typed in?

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This might just be me, but on mobile I’ve found myself a couple of times click on a thread and then once it has loaded at the most recent unread post, genuinely forget which thread I’m in. It is fine on a computer browser with the thread title pinned to the top, but on mobile only the forum title bar is visible and you have to scroll up to get the thread title. Any chance of mirroring the browser behaviour on mobile?

If you hit the number in the bottom right showing the post you are up to, it will display the thread name.

Ahh, thanks. Very useful.

Is there a time / number limit on editing posts? And if so, could it be removed / increased?

I can’t seem to edit the title and first posts in the player of the season thread anymore.

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Any chance of removing / increasing the “maximum 3 consecutive replies” limit as well? Same issue with the MOTM thread

Not sure how possible it would be, but it would help to have some shortcuts in the “jump to…” menu, like first and last post.

Should be OK now

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On the scrollbar beside each thread, the dates/times at the top and bottom take you to first and last posts

Those dates / times at the top and bottom are links that do exactly that for me


Strikethrough formatting seems to work with < s > tags but there’s no button for it in the text formatting menu bar.

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Block specific users posts? I miss the old days when I just saw my posts and Arlo’s.


Bumping this old thread to ask, Should we bother setting up afterpay for the web store?