The foreign legion - SFC international

Post your random destinations here. A chance for those of us in the same place to meet, for travellers to find a friendly face, or to point your mates in the right direction.

Greg and Jessica - Singapore

Boomerang Robertson Quay the place to watch.

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Today I was in Varanasi. Last match I was at the Indian restaurant out the back of the cricket stadium in Abu Dhabi. Needless to say I was the only SFC fan in each location.

Aiming for one of the Gamba or Cerezo games 10 November. Seem to remember some Osaka based guys being around for Urawa 2016 - give me a shout if you don’t mind a +1.

East London yo

Anyone in China? Heading there for 2 months over Christmas to visit in-laws. The A-League website says it’s broadcast locally on something called CSM, or I guess I need a VPN to get the YouTube streams. I know that even some VPNs aren’t working over there these days. Any advice?

You’ll want a vpn over there anyway. The big ones are all good at staying ahead of the censors. I think ExpressVPN has a 60 or 90 day trial period that can get you through a short trip.

Will be a fan, lost in Prague and Odessa soon.

Hopefully some Sparta Prague fans can recognize our kit.

Say hi to Larry (Lavicka) for us, but Bohemians ftw.

As a SFC fan you need to split your Prague loyalties 50/50.
Sparta love for Larry, Slavia love for Karol Kisel.

New York City SFC fan here. There is another SFC fan here as well.

Calgary here, the Youtube streams have been a godsend this season (although the lack of screen graphics is a little annoying).

I spend a lot of time in Singapore on business, if a match is on when i am there I’ll hit you up and join you at the Boomerang (have watched the melbourne cup and state of origin in there in the past!)

South East London here.

Always keen for a match with fellow Sky Blues.

Does anybody know if the Belushi’s in Greenwich shows games? Or anyplace on the east end?

BT Sport show all the games.

I’m sure pubs will put it on for you if you ask. Watched the grand final at my local in Brockley last year…

Chicago based fan here. In almost 8 yrs I’m yet to see any SFC merch.