The Fuckwitishness Thread

@jubal1 let me know if you don’t like this idea - I could see why could be a problem.

This is a thread for all the fuckwit people and ideas in this world that don’t fit in our other discussions.

Saw this today and just thought… what a fuckwit.

“The act was repealed because it sounds bad, but the problem by not having it is police, other agencies have no power if someone on the streets is beyond help because of drug addiction et cetera,” she said.

She said the other change needed was human rights legislation that the government brought into effect years ago.

“Right now people have a legal right to die in a drunk stupor on the street, but if we had both of these legislations he would not be on the street,” Ms Patterson said.

“Under the vagrancy act they would be put in a jail facility, which sounds terrible — but for one month they have a bed, are properly medicated, are treated for their health issues, seeing doctors and connecting to a housing environment.”

Literally just saying… lock up the homeless. Cant have these people messing up our streets so let them die in prison.

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If only we had places where people with health issues could get treatment.

The only problem I see is that it should be called the Fuckwittery thread.

In my head fuckwittery is more of a verb. You do fuckwittery. Whereas fuckwitishness is more all encompassing of action, thought, the vibe etc.

Both fuckwittery and fuckwitishness are nouns. Fuckwittery is slightly more common and has a grammatical similarity to buffoonery and tomfoolery. You don’t say buffoonishness do you?

I say thumbs up to fuckwittery! But then I’m a fuckwit.



Just trying to delineate between the two. In my head fuckerwittery is done, whereas fuckwitishness just is.

Could we go for an all encompassing fuckwitteryishness thread?

But he said he was wearing a g-string. :rofl:

How about this bit of his defence:

He had long argued because he was not acting as a councillor at the time of the incident, it could not be considered a breach

No indecent exposure charge?

I read fuckwhitishness and thought it would be a topic on white privilege/racist assholes :neutral_face:
Although that category probably is somewhat valid here still.

Hah. Still covered under my definition for sure!

Seriously, how can the world deal with this country? They should be international pariah’s like North Korea



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That and Crude - oil that is, black gold, Texas tea.

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I didn’t know where else to put this one to be honest. Didn’t really fit the vibe of the weird news thread.

Turnbull submitted to the court that his sentence should take into account that he and his family had already been punished because his father, Ian Turnbull, was found guilty of the 2014 murder of Glendon Turner.

What a fuckwit. I hope the attorney who submitted that one has a soul of feels the horridness of it in their bones.

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