The Jack Rodwell Date with 828/Eclipse the 946

As a big Corica fan who still feels like hes underappreciated around here, Rodwell was arguably his worst move. Ninkovic was bad and heart breaking and still gives me trust issues but Mak and Lolley have done far more for the club than Ninkovic has done at Wanderers.

Nothing against Rodwell personally but we all knew exactly how it would go - look class when he briefly gets on the pitch but barely ever get on the pitch as hes unfortunately just not got the body for professional football. Its gone that way and its just a waste of a visa spot and a signing we could have built a defence around. But glad its turned into us fidning JGR/Mathews.


Zac Anderson would have made a better contribution to the club if he had severed both his Achilles tendons with a machete five minutes prior to his club debut.

For real? I haven’t heard the machete story before

You misspelled Mitch Austin.

All these quibbles about shit players, but none of these were taking up a visa spot, one of the best paid players at the club AND been planned for as a key component of the starting 11.

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FWIW I said worst signing not worst player.

There’s no way Rodwell is near our worst player. Closer to best player (when fit).


He might have actually made it to the bench with JGR being sent off.

Well this is fun isn’t it?



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Can anybody confirm that he made it onto the bus safely, travelled on the bus without suffering a neck injury from looking out the window, negotiated the steps off the bus, and managed to get into the stadium without hurting himself?


Probably would be better off with a witches hat instead.

Well it was minutes. Not good minutes, but minutes.


And he’s gone.


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So just top of the head numbers, but I think that we now need to come 3rd-6th, make the grand final, and play extra time in the 3 matches where it can be used.
And he can’t miss more than 18 (non injury time) minutes of all that.

Update for our 23rd (Perth A) and 24th (Ncl A) matches played.
So those rough numbers above weren’t quite right, I’d forgotten the 27th match which has been added this season.

Round Minutes this week Cumulative Minutes 2022-23 Comparison Minutes per game To 828 828 - Regular Season To 946 946 - Regular Season 946 - 1 Final 946 - 2 finals 946 - 3 Finals 946 - 4 Finals
Before Season NA 0 0 0 828 31 946 35 34 33 32 31
1 0 0 0 0 828 32 946 36 35 34 33 32
22 0 289 406 13 539 108 657 131 110 94 82 73
23 0 289 496 13 539 135 657 164 131 110 94 82
24 45 334 586 14 494 165 612 204 153 122 102 87
  • We can actually still reach 946 without any Extra time - per the last column.
  • Taking extra time into account, we can’t make it without 4 final being played as we are 612 minutes short of the target with between 3 weeks (without finals) and 7 weeks (4 finals) left to be played.
  • With 7 weeks, we can get 7x90 minutes in, up to 630 minutes.
  • With 6 weeks, we can get 6x90 minutes in, up to 540 minutes. However with 6 weeks (3 finals) there would only be possible ET in finals week 1 and 3, giving to 60 extra minutes, which would only see us get to 600, 12 short of our remaining target
  • The upshot is, we have to go to 4 weeks - any possible extra time would just be helpful in mitigating any weeks where we mightn’t get a full 90 in:

Target 1 (946 in regular season): FAILED
Target 2 (828 in regular season): FAILED
Target 3: 946 in 1 final): FAILED
Target 4 (946 in 2 finals): FAILED
Target 5: (946 in 3 finals): FAILED
Target 6: (946 in 4 finals): ALIVE with 87 minutes per game, perhaps fewer if we get any ET in

Has there been any word on why he came off last night? Was it precautionary/management, tactical, or a new injury torpodo into the vulnerable hull of HMAS 946?

Either way it’s looking a very slim chance that we’ll match our minutes last season, despite having the bonus round 27, and potentially making the GF. Basically, even with all those minutes played, he’s failed to reach his 828 at Wests which happened without finals, and will need extra games (and perhaps ET) to pass last season’s 946. The yield of on-pitch time has worsened each season in the ALM.

Two more years? For the Lols at least?


Probably because he was fucking rank for most of the first half. I mean granted, he’s not had any match fitness for the last couple of months, so I’m not surprised he was off the pace.

He’s English, so that’d be HMS.

You sir, have a sick sense of humour. Unless Wests or Australia’s Shame sign him on a 2-year deal.

Then I’ll have to hospitalize myself as I’ll have laughed myself into a serious medical condition.

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100% going to tear it up with Auckland next season.


The only place I can see him winding up, other than the glue factory is India. I doubt even a League 1/2 club in the UK would risk signing him, given their season is long and arduous.

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This would take some kind of intervention in violation of the laws of science. Perhaps a shamanistic ritual or exorcism. However it would nicely vindicate our Steve!