The Jack Rodwell Date with 828/Eclipse the 946


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It is not a coincidence that he is injured, he is likely just faking it because he doesn’t give a shit. Meanwhile he enjoys his $800000 a year

If we’re paying him $800K then it’s Cyrillic banner time.

Let’s harvest his organs and make the transfer fee back.


As a marquee, It doesn’t really matter how much he gets paid from a fans perspective - it’s the boss’s money. It’s the visa spot which hurts

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I have no idea but there was an article about him before we signed him up saying he was asking for a lot

We had the discussion the other week, definitely less transparency around marquee / designated player spots these days. But no way he should be taking up any of those spots and on anything more than a high in-cap salary. He didn’t show enough to deserve more than that last year, and still had all the same fitness problems.

Apart from the fact that the club just made a decision to move thr finals due to major financial losses over the league…

Has it been confirmed he’s on marquee coin

Sure it does.

The whole concept of the marquee spot(s) is to bring in a) Big name players who will draw bums on seats b) High quality players who may not be “big names”, but have the quality and overall ability to lift and improve the teams performance allowing them to compete for silverware.

Jack Rodwell doesn’t qualify for with of those. And it matters because the boss who is paying, regardless of how deep their pockets may be will see this failure in return for value and potentially be more reluctant to splash the cash in the future.

The club aren’t just pissing away money on marquee funds of Rodwell is actually a marquee, they’re now spending extra money because he has a physio attached to his hip, wasting money and resources that could be spent on more reliable players.

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Dont make shit up. Just don’t


Shoulda just stopped at this point, saved you the key strokes…

Hoping he is our super marquee.


I remember reading articles stating that he was holding out for better offers and money at the time as well.

Awful bit of business by the club, saddest thing was it was obvious to all we needed defensive stock and this was the best we come up with, honestly do your job find players who can cut it that at least can stay fit for more than 2 games a season especially when you have an aging backline.

FWIW before we signed him we were told that our enquiry was met with a request of 650k a year - Which we said no too. A few weeks later we announced him so whether they met lower OR we got desperate and met it is anyone’s guess


Was it a one or two year deal?


Hopefully who ever replaces Corica will tell him he’s surplus to requirements. He can leave, or be loaned out to the Indian superannuation league.

If we pay him out though, we lose the money from the cap space

Long promised update:

The overall season target
828 minutes in 26 match days so just under 32 minutes per week

The story so far (to Round 14):
212 minutes in 14 match days so around 15 minutes per week played

The target:
616 minutes to go in 12 match days, so around 51 minutes per week needed

To save myself some work after this weekend, sadly, if the squad exclusion for this week is accurate, these figures will be valid next week:

The story as it looks (to Round 15):
212 minutes in 15 match days so around 14 minutes per week played

The target:
616 minutes to go in 11 match days, so around 56 minutes per week needed and the target is:

Looking at that last lot, he’ll need to play 4 times as much per week as he has so far, to reach the target.