The Kit Discussion Thread

I couldn’t find the old thread, perhaps it was lost in the forum reboot.

"Sydney FC’s jersey is an item in demand with American apparel manufacturer Under Armour understood to be vying for the rights to produce their kit next season.

The Sky Blues are yet to renew their deal with Puma beyond its expiration at the end of the season and have already attracted a handful of sports companies looking to design their future kits.

Under Armour, the uniform sponsors of Southampton, Brazilian giants Fluminense, Mexican powerhouse Cruz Azul and Chile’s Colo-Colo are looking to enter the Australian market and are believed to be eager to make Sydney FC their flagship club."

Under armour would be decent. They currently have a decent crop of kits and should the money be right, would be fine for the club.

As long as we don’t get a really cookie-cutter kit I’d be alright with it.

Been pretty happy with Puma kits, would be fine with us renewing. Can’t say under armour are my favourite kit supplier - would prefer a return to adidas tbh.

UA would give us some pretty sweet fan activewear

I don’t buy kits but I buy supporter T-shirt’s for the gym, so I’m not really affected, but never rated anything Under Armour has done.

Hopefully Umbro come in, or I’d even be willing to see what New Balance or Nike could do.

Have King Gee ever previously ventured into football (or any sports) kits?

Could be the time.

Well I hope they bring Steph and Embiid out to launch it…

UA kits are a bit hit and miss - just like every other provider. The St Pauli kit from last season is a thing of beauty but this season’s - not so much.

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Under Armour don’t make football kits, just SOCCERR jerseys. I’d personally prefer Umbro, or to stay with Puma if they improve the supporter wear options. I’m starting to steer away from wearing my replica kits to games. I still want to wear something branded and Sky Blue but short of a media polo or a training shirt there isn’t many choices

The 2016/17 jersey was my favorite if the Puma ones, not just because of the team’s achievements wearing it but the material had a bit of texture to it which made it more comfortable than the clingy smooth finish of this season & last’s.
Puma’s gear apart from the jerseys has been pretty rubbish too.

Never really understood why clubs bother with supporters polos.

Bring out a few different Puma (or whoever our sponsor is next year) t-shirts.

I used to work with a bloke who wore a WSW polo every Casual Friday. I see heaps of SFC ones every home game too.

I guess that’s why.

I like supporter polos. I’d never wear a jersey outside of game day, but I might wear a polo if its subtle and clean looking.

How’s the form on the official A League shop site. Get absolutely fucked

Where the fuck is Eastern Sydney?

New Zealand?

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Kits and other Puma stuff is 35% off:

Probably wait for the new Under Armour stuff

Got myself a polo. Had been thinking about getting one for a while, they’re nice and clean looking with no sponsorship.

Anyone else thinking the ACL jerseys will really just be our current kits (ffa kit included) with AETOS across the front and the puma logo on the right 'cos Puma will be like Reebok and not arsed with bothering with a new kit so late in the deal?