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Pre-school is not the same as child care tho… we have to pack 2 lunches for our 3 year old ar Pre-School. Hours are also 8-4.

And to answer the original question, a bit of guidance maybe, but not expecting a full wash and detail.

Yep what Jabba said, very different structures. We do 8:30-3:30 for our one. Fair call on wiping, hopefully the poop is a once off. Biggest downside is that my daughter has been taught the F-Bomb from one of her friends

Day care was all provided… and bums wiped… (also work hours)

Pre school was getting ready for school, took their lunch etc and had to wipe their own bums to get ready for kindy (also school hours)

God school holidays can be painful. I know most have to deal with it but kids are on holidays 12 weeks a year, if there are two working parents, that is usually only 8 weeks a year total in annual leave. So if you are like us, and have no grandparents to help and the rest of your support network also work full time, you basically have to go the school holiday program route which for me, can get quite $$$ and mine don’t like them that much (I know first world problems that one) .

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Definitely feel for you! We have the grandparents at least to distract the kids… Although I find the wife very frustrating as she’s stay at home. She complains that she needs to entertain the kids, but she never actually calls anyone of her friends up to organise play dates…

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Had a really really weird experience at the doctors the other week. About 5 weeks ago, my oldest started to get UTI symptoms. We got her on antibiotics while waiting for the test to come back and were told to stop the treatment after it came back negative. Mind you she was so serious she was vomiting and had a fever of 40C+. It went away and we were all good. Symptoms came back a few weeks later, to the extent that we took her to emergency. Emergency treated her, gave her antibiotics again for the UTI. Test also came back positive and with the treatment, she cleared up.

My wife went to the doctor a bit over a week ago, worried that SHE had a UTI now. It was a new doctor in the surgery who proceeded to lecture my wife on the following:

  • Kids apparently can’t get UTIs, only 10% of cases are REAL UTIs
  • It’s impossible for a 3 year old to tell you if something hurts while she pees
  • The positive pee test was because she didn’t wipe properly (she was at home during that time and we were wiping her bum)
  • If she had a serious UTI, she would have had other symptoms (like the 40C fever, vomiting and lethargy that she had).
  • The other symptoms that she had were probably because kids just get sick for unexplained reasons.

It got to the extent that my wife had to just agree with her so she could get out of the surgery, only to find she’d subsequently been charged for an “extended/complicated” visit, pretty much double the charge.

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School holidays are either

  • an emotional drain cause you realise your spawn is the devil as they are in the house when you’re trying to work
  • a financial drain cause they have to go to holiday care which is a modern day gold rush for the operators

Cannot wait for Monday


Yeah I have mine at home with me while I work most days at the moment- which I do feel sorry for him because he gets bored by early afternoon and I get it, but also he doesn’t want to go to holiday care so what can you do. I think next holidays I am just going to take some leave and then they can lump it in holiday care.

Also nice ot know I am not the only who feels that !

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We should be allowed to send them down the mines, or into a military cadet unit for the two weeks. :joy:.

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If you have a regular doctor at that surgery, or there’s a senior doctor who runs it, suggest letting them know about how unhappy you were about it. There’s no real way for the boss to know about an underperforming gp otherwise, they can’t just sit in to observe and even if they do surely the observed gp is then on their best behaviour

This assumes you care enough and are not worried that you might get this doctor again and she holds a grudge

As a medical professional they are still of shit.

Not only do they sound like a dick, they are completely wrong and factually incorrect.

That interaction sounds like a complaint to me.

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Our toddler had a fuss, slammed the shower door and exploded a full sheet of plate glass over her head. Didnt cry once through a long visit to ED, the little trooper. A hundred cuts and scratches but seemingly nothing got embedded.

Jees they find ways to make you stress, I think I aged 10 years overnight. Was like glitter on everything but with blood everywhere. Today shes shuffling around calmly announcing “its grass!” [glass]


Look it seems to me that nothing the doc said is really wrong just not necessarily helpful.

Does sounds like they’ve had a 'mare, for sure, but fwiw - Utis aren’t really contagious, so if you’ve got a bout of them going through your household (like three infections in the space of a few weeks) theres probably some environmental factor at play.

Be aware that really recurrent Utis is a… Bit of a red flag. So fwiw the doc could well be trying to find the best explanation.

This sounds like a worst nightmare scenario that you always tell you kids about when they are being difficult come true - hope they are all ok!!

Geez that sounds nasty. Not making light of it but it is giving me Bruce Willis in Die Hard vibes where he is walking across the shattered glass. Glad it wasn’t more serious

I have daily nightmares of this happening with my 2 boys. Glad it wasnt ad bad as it could have been

Thats the thing though, she was telling us the findings of 4 different doctors were all bs. She had every normal UTI symptom plus the tests came back positive for a UTI. It felt like this doctor had come to a conclusion and was trying was trying to fit our symptoms into them.

In terms of the wife, she was negative and the hospital was saying the UTI came back for my daughter because it wasnt treated to completion the first time.

We put in a complaint with the doctor’s surgery and they told us that it should have been handled differently considering we’d been in so many times. Although theyre saying that the new doctor had info on UTIs that no one else had. A bit of a stretch

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We recently had a tempered glass shower panel spontaneously explode.

Nobody else was home, I was sitting in my office downstairs, and the next minute there was this almighty crash. What the fuck was that?!

As I ascended the stairs I could see pebble sized chunks of glass in the hallway, and once I reached the landing the full extent was there to see. What a mess. Glass in every thing - the towels, the dunny brush holder, the basin, the tissue box…

My only thought at the time was “geez I’m glad there was nobody in there when that happened “.

That must have been terrifying for your child.

Medicines not an exact science, but to me - it does sound like the new doctor did have more information - at least the fact that your wife was sick with similar symptoms, but no UTI.

Obviously sounds like it could have been handled better, because it seems to have put your partner offside, but going off what you’ve said, the new doctor didn’t say anything actually incorrect and if a patient comes in for a short appointment for themselves and also wants to discuss their up kids protracted UTI situation in the same appointment, I’d say a long consult is probably appropriate?

Not trying to drag you here - this is a issue that’s kinda close to my heart, so I’m always interested to litigate these things a bit.