The Mamas & The Papas - The Dad/ Parenting Thread

Most of my loveable demon spawn collectively went back to school today.

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And what a glorious day it is.

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Mine has one more day because teachers have their prep thingy today…

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Surely it’s strange that the consensus with a number of other doctors in the surgery, as well as the junior and senior doctor in Emergency, plus the physical blood tests all agreeing that she had a UTI would supersede a single other doctor? Especially considering as the ER doctors were pretty unanimous in telling us that kids get UTIs all the time.

In terms of the longer appointment, my wife just mentioned my daughter having a UTI in passing. It was a sort of: “yeah I came in because it slightly burnt and my daughter just recovered from UTI…” comment. The doctor took it upon herself to then go through my daughter’s medical history and lecture my wife on the full topic.

What would be stranger - that or ignoring the new development?

FWIW, the GP probably isn’t going to give a lot of weight to the EDs docs opinion.

Again though, we had a doctor arguing with my wife telling us there was no way my daughter had a UTI despite the fact that:

a) She came back positive from the urine test: Doctor told us it was a false positive as she probably had fecal matter there because she wipes herself. This despite the fact that she’d been at home for 2 weeks and we’d been wiping her bum the whole time.

b) She was complaining of a burning sensation when she peed, stopped herself mid-pee because it hurt and even said “ow” a few times whilst peeing: Doctor told us that it was impossible for a 3 year old to explain pain and where it was coming from.

c) Doctor informed us that, if she had a UTI, there would be other symptoms apart from just the peeing: She was informed that my daughter had been running an extremely high fever (40C) for a number of days, wasn’t eating, was projectile vomiting and was extremely lethargic throughout the day.

d) When my wife followed up on these symptoms, she was informed that they were probably something completely unrelated

e) Granted my wife had burning, but it disappeared itself and we’re actually thinking it was just nerves/lack of sleep

Now granted im not a doctor in any respect, and this is the first time i’ve actually had cause to doubt a doctor’s diagnosis (apart from one that was known in the industry for insurance fraud). But in this case, it very much seems like she’s going out of her way to refute the diagnosis despite the fact that she has a fairly big chunk of evidence to the contrary.

Maybe look for another doctor for a second opinion? Doesn’t sound like you’re going to have a good relationship with this doctor from here on in

I mean at a different surgery or something, as much as there are probably other doctors at this surgery, they work with this doctor so they have their working relationship to maintain, which may make them less likely to contradict

My father was a gp and a (small) number of the doctors that went through his surgery were not up to it. Sometimes to do with arrogance/ stubbornness rather than their actual technical knowledge

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Keep in mind that a (large) number of doctors are borderline autistic, burnt out, emotionally exhausted weirdos who are asked to deal with societies most fucked up shit on a daily basis.

Yeah, finding the right kind of weirdo is difficult but so important.


We did actually go for a follow-up with one of the older doctors and she all but said the first one was wrong. In that round about way that they can…

We’re actually tossing up on whether to completely change Medical Centres. One of the reasons why we got so frustrated was because we couldn’t book in with our main doctor, even when we stated what the go was. Each time we came in, we had to see someone else. Part of it is purely due to the area, as we got one in Hunters Hill (where my wife grew up) and it’s right next to a nursing home.

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Today is my twins birthday.

Took a half day at work and planned to take them to their favourite park, because our daycare center does a mad birthday cake for all the kids (there’s like a birthday every week lol) so let them have the morning. . Race away from work, get to the daycare and they’ve just gone down for a nap. :rofl:

So now at the pub treating myself to a steak and a beer while they sleep off cake and sugar.


In high school our rugby coach used to make us do something called the Irish Mile.

It was a 100m sprint followed by 10 full burpees. Repeat till he said enough.

After about 5 rounds it would set in that you’d hate burpees so much that youd look forward to doing the run. Then youd realise that was awful, and want to go back to the burpees.

Alternating between school holidays and school term elicits a very similar response.


My wife has been with my two boys (3.5years & 8 months) in Germany for the last 6 weeks. She has family there (spent most of her life there until she moved to Australia to be with me). She’s on maternity leave, so made sense for her to spend a bit of time over there, and I don’t have a lot of leave at the moment so I stayed here.

It’s incredible how much I’ve missed them. It’s been nice having time do things that I haven’t been able to since having kids, but I wouldn’t trade it at all.

Can’t wait to go and pick them up from the airport on Friday night. During times like this I realise how grateful I am for having these amazing souls in my life.