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The F1 title race is obviously all but over, with Vettel’s only chance requiring him to win all 3 remaining races while hoping Hamilton picks up fewer than 5 points.

Mark Webber infamously missed out on a front-running car early in his career by turning down a 2005 Renault seat. Danny Ric probably didn’t have many other realistic options on the table (and probably did need to get away from Marko+Verstappen), but he’ll be kicking himself if the Honda engine comes good.

Still don’t know how good the Honda engine is.
Torro Rosso was way down on Renault today

But agree that Riccardo had to move - didnt want to land as a #2.
Unfortunately no spots at Merc or Ferrari and I suspect wont be for a long while unless Hamilton or Vettel suddenly retire, with both seemingly taking juniors in the coming years

Ricciardo showing the world how he feels about his Red Bull.

But Kimi, eh? What a great race and what a popular win. Had to laugh at the world thinking Ferrari fucked the dog after not pitting during the virtual safety car. As the race wore on it seemed to be the right strategy.

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Oh and the drivers’ suits Red Bull did for the US Grand Prix (in Austin, Texas) were outstanding.

Ricciardo should just sit out the last few races of the season. At least then Red Bull can have both their cars finish and he removes himself from a situation where he says something that can jeopardise his position at Renault. It can’t be coincidence that his reliability issues have come to the fore after he made his decision to leave. Red Bull weren’t expecting it, I mean having to bring Kvyat back again, and they’re making him pay for it. I highly doubt Renault would be sending defective parts to their #1 driver for next season but not to Max. Their cars aren’t having an issue either, just Dan’s, so it has to be a RB issue.

That conspiracy theory has been doing the rounds but I just don’t buy it. No formula one team would deliberately make their cars unreliable to spite one of their own drivers. To be fair, Verstappen has had his own fair share of issues too. You could point the finger at Renault not putting maximum effort in supplying a team leaving them at the end of the season but not Red Bull.

That being said, Christian Horner has been a passive aggressive little prick towards Ricciardo since he announced he was going to Renault. I’ll give you that.

Staying up on a Sunday night to only see Danny Ric pull over is usually a bitter pill to swallow. To wake up at 5am on a Monday morning knowing he would destroy Bottas for a podium was a cyanide pill dipped in sweet n sour snake poison, esp after fending off Sebastian. Not sure if I’m ready to support Renault, pretty pissed of them

The figures:
Max’s car has had some reliability issues but he has only recorded 4 DNF’s, 2 due to driver error (Bahrain & Azerbaijan crashes) & 2 mechanical (in order: Gearbox & Power Unit) and none since Hungary.
Ricciardo has recorded 7 DNF’s, 3 since the announcement (6 races) 2 of which were mechanical. Of the 7 DNF’s 2 due to driver error (Azerbaijan & *Belgium crashes) and 5 mechanical failure (Electrical, Gear Box/Electronics, Power Unit, *Power Unit, *Power Unit).
*Denotes post announcement and obviously this is only race retirements and doesn’t include any practice or qualifying issues.

I laughed at the conspiracy theories to begin with but it is getting to the point where it can’t just be coincidence.

Christian Horner is so bitter about the whole thing. A couple of races ago he was asked about the reliability issues and said that they should ask the Renault #1 (clearly referencing Ricciardo). He has also made no secret of the fact that he thought they had a deal in Budapest only for Ric to want to go on holiday first. Helmut Marko also expressed his disappointment and thought a deal was done in Austria and Dietrich Materschitz thought it was done in Hungary and to be signed the following week. They’re 3 very important and powerful people to piss off.

As Red Bull aren’t a manufacturer a lack of reliability doesn’t affect their brand in the same way it would Ferrari, Merc, Renault or Honda. They can blame whoever they want for a mechanical failure, it’s not their kit so they bear no responsibility. That along with them never going to finish anywhere other than 3rd in the constructors championship providing Max continued to get the results he was getting makes it more than plausible that they’re shutting the car down on Ric.
His reaction to the latest DNF wasn’t aimed at Renault so it’s clear that his dissatisfaction is with the team. There was hardly a look of despair on the RB wall when he pulled the car over last night. Apart from the reprisal of his American persons post qualifying, it’s clear he’s not enjoying himself and Red Bull don’t appear to care. It’s unlike them and against the marketing strategy that they have successfully used. Red Bull gives you wings but they can take them off you just as quick.

I think it is going to be a fairly lean two years for Ricciardo but he comes off contract at the same time as Hamilton & Vettel & aim for a better seat then which with rule changes could be any team. In the meantime he collects a good salary at a team that wants him rather than have his reputation potentially damaged by a team that doesn’t really want him winning.

Lovely to see happy Dan and salty Max

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Was a nice surprise watching the replay this morning.
6am for the race tomorrow.

506 now showing a replay of the Melbourne race, in hindsight the first half of the season with a competitive title fight and a couple cracking races (Bahrain, China, Baku and Silverstone) was awesome but makes Melbourne with its fast corners makes it almost impossible for cars to follow. Hoping the reg changes make this a decent race. Gonna be a long off season.

Albert Park has always been a terrible layout for overtaking and that won’t change next year without some miraculous change in the track layout.

F1 development will ensure that something else is created to make up, at least partially, for the reduction of downforce. We’ll just have to wait until winter testing to see what teams come up with.

It’s incredible how the simple addition of Craig Lowndes has made the shitty Supercars coverage even worse.

Supercars is a fairly shit product as it is. I don’t find it anywhere near the most exciting motorsport category around. Skaife is by far the worst of the lot, though, especially when combined with Neil Crompton where they just like to see who likes their own voice more.

The only person I could really ever stand was Mark Larkham, who was quite informative while in the garages and didn’t over-do the stupid larrikin bullshit that infests these broadcasts.

I think I only watch it to hate 888 Racing.

I might want Reynolds or Winterbottom to do well, but mostly I just want to see Whincup and Van Gisberg fuck up.

True. Its always good to see Whingecup fail.

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Niki Lauda dead at 70. Three times drivers’ champion and no doubt one of the bravest sportsmen to have lived.

:frowning: He was a cranky bastard but there’s no doubting his bravery and skill.

Proper old school driver. Stubborn but super focused. Sad day.