The NRL Thread- Everyone gets a coach

Parra cost $360 mil apparently. So it’s significantly cheaper if you factor in inflation and a significant increase in construction costs

They’re also not doing a full knock down/re-build like Parra.

They’re only knocking down half the stadium and “refurbishing the rest” by the sounds of that article.

Yep, eastern side is a complete rebuild. Western is getting extended on the northern end to run the whole field.

The full rebuild was $450m initially, but they were expecting that to rise due to inflation. A new build/buying the paceway/new paceway was expected to push ~900m.

I still think they should have done that, they would have made a motza from redeveloping the area. I don’t know why the block of land in the SE side has sat empty for decades either…

Pays to be in a marginal seat.


Pays to be in a marginal city seat.The further north of Newcastle you go, the less important it becomes.

We still can’t get the funding to make the Bruxner Highway dual carriageway from Lismore to Ballina. There are multiple black spots that result in deaths on that stretch of road every year and the volume of traffic continues to increase. Apparently the answer was to drop the speed limit from 80kph to 70kph…

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First boys will be boys of the season :star_struck:

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They must’ve been shoe-ins to be the face of rugba leeg this year.

Who the hell films this shit. Sometimes it seems like nrl players have more of a problem with their groupies than their behaviour.


To make it even better, It was at the end of their fan day.

Don’t have twitter/X. What happened this time?

I see two guys wrestling, most likely after beers. I really dont see an issue with it other than it wasn’t kept behind closed doors.

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I don’t

"Rugby league is a very competitive sport, lots of testosterone, boys like to have fun.

"It got a bit out of hand, it’s a bit disappointing, but it’s not the end of the world.

“Alcohol is a problem in society, not just in rugby league, and we’re part of society.”

They learn absolutely nothing, deflect and pretend it was normal behaviour, it’s not.

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They’re 2 weeks out from the start of the season.

They had a fan day that somehow turned into a pub crawl that saw them refused service/asked to leave multiple venues. Two senior players then got into an altercation because, allegedly, one took objection to being put into a cab to go home.

Imagine if that happened at your workplace.

If it was at my workplace, I would imagine both people involved would be sacked immediately. I say imagine as I can’t think of it ever happening

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I really think you are missing a really big factor at play here people…

Boys will be boys.


This would be a regular occurance in many blue collar settings.

At most it would result in a bit of a shit stir on Monday morning and fucken over it by morning smoko.

As long as it didn’t affect anyone’s work the boss wouldn’t say or even want to know anything about it.


They were pissed off their faces in public, had been given a move on order from the police and refused to get into a cab despite the fact that they were obviously past it. What’s more, they were doing so in public. Poor rugby players being filmed being dumbarses in public like it hasn’t been happening for the past decade. Those people releasing all the info helped reveal exactly what NRL is, a culture of sexual abuse, alcoholism and punch-ons. If it wasn’t for that, shit would be continuing to massive levels


I own a blue collar company. I wouldn’t say it’s a regular occurrence but fark, a couple of hard working lads sorting it out pissed with a bit of agro. No one is getting sacked and sure as shit, no one’s filming the hand bags and posting it to the socials.

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