The NRL Thread- Everyone gets a coach

Crazy coaching swaps going on with Bennet joining Souths from 2020. This futures trading is a bit crazy

As a Souths fan I’m farken livid at this decision, they took a punt on Seibold and he achieved a level of success that no one would have anticipated at the start of 2018 and then this happens. We replace a guy who is up and coming with new ideas with a curmudgeonly dinosaur.

There’s no way we’re not going to end with Bennett in 2019 and knowing our luck we’ll end up with Darius Boyd too.

Yeah a pretty fucking raw deal for your club I think… UNLESS of course if Bennett brings home a premiership! lol

And to add, Dessie’s back at Manly… I’m not unhappy with this. If anyone can make them fight tooth and nail and create a us vs them mentality then it’s Des…

My mail is that Seibold wanted the Brisbane job and wouldn’t sign with Souths…

That has been the widely reported story for months.

I think we can all agree - fuck the broncos. With all the advantages they have over other clubs they should be winning the competition every year.

Absolutely, fuck Brisbane…
I dont understand how anyone other than Seibold is to blame for Souths position…
Not that Bennett has suddenly become a bad coach in the off season.
Plus I’d have Boyd back at the Dragons in a heartbeat

Would be piss funny is Seibold fails in Brissie and Bennett takes Souths to a Premiership.
I take great pleasure in watching the Broncos flounder. :smiling_imp:

Look, I won’t complain if Bennett brings Souths a premiership because 2 premierships in my lifetime is better than 1.


Glad Cleary is back. Should never have left and griffin was terrible.

What a surprise; Bennett engineers a move to Souths a season earlier and probably gets a pay-out as well. Round 8 next season will be interesting…

This whole signing players and coaches for a season after the coming up one seems a bit of madness

It is ridiculous, between now and the middle of the season I have to worry if Damien Cook has be signed by someone else.

This is exactly why the NRL needs a transfer market, or at least a system of compensation for players and coaches that sign elsewhere before the end of their contracts. It will probably also put a stop to this nonsense for most clubs.

Big Papi😂

Hilarious article to read… with my particular highlight being

In the second Napa video, which was circulated on Saturday, the Queensland forward bizarrely performs sexual acts on himself while another former teammate shadow boxes in the corner.

So he was boxing the Jesuit while his mate was shadow boxing?

What’s wrong with these freaks?
From the Dragons website:

The St George Illawarra Dragons have been made aware of a video circulating on social media of Corey Norman from several years ago.
The Dragons informed the NRL Integrity Unit on Monday afternoon. The Integrity Unit have since confirmed they have previously been made aware of the footage and dealt with it accordingly at the time.
The club will make no further comment.

The video is bizarre. Norman, Kurtley Beale and the dude who won the Sophie Monk Bachelorette season (Stu something) sitting around drinking, and some old bloke doing lines.

Its disappointing we already have an NRL thread because The Big Papa Edition would be an incredibly appropriate thread title.