The NRL Thread- Everyone gets a coach

There’s another option. Give Lindsay Smith a chance to be a starting prop next year?

Liam Henry over smith

Were the Panthers ever realistically interested
They’ve got a ridiculously long line of talent waiting to be given a chance and standing up when they do. Why would they blow a significant amount of cash on a player who is inconsistent at best?

I suspect they were just driving up the amount the Roosters had to pay to get the deal over the line.

They made a legit offer, has a meeting with Ivan and all.

Well there goes any hope in origin

That’s what I think has happened. It was quite clever.

Prop is hardly the most difficult position to replace, in all honesty.

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Someone (maybe here judging by that profile pic) kept receipts RE: the Kent thing. :rofl:


Quiet morning at NRL HQ this morning

Surprised it’s taken this long for a player to go after Anasta. Him hosting a daily tabloid show whilst continuing as an active player agent is hilariously conflicted. Classic Rugby League.

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Boys will be boys…

They’re just larrikins blowing off some steam!

Bring back the biff!

Wokeness has gone too far! Next thing we know, blokes won’t even be punching on with each other!

At least Hayne will have someone to keep him company in his cell.

As for Souths, they are complete dogshit. Mitchell should get to the gym in search of some fitness instead of dining out.

They can learn soccer from Angel Torres.

Agree re Mitchell, last thing he needs is more food but I would’ve liked him to throw one at Anasta like Fa’alogo did back in the day


Typical Thursday to be honest

I was at that game and I was one of many Souths fans giving Fa’alogo a standing ovation as he was running off to the sin-bin.

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One of the few highlights in a dark period for us

Can’t have the A-League dominating the sports headlines ahead of magic round

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This first half has been crazy. Andrew Voss is in his element commentating these kind of games!

Jordan Rapana has just cost his team ten very avoidable points in short order :joy:

Bulldogs beat themselves in the end but my take from the game is that I might just hate Canberra now more than I hate Manly. What a pack of cunts.