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Open to thread name changes… all things fur, feather and scales.

So were getting a dog. Does anyone have any hot tips on the yays or nays of pet insurance/ wellbeing plans?

Ive read very mixed reviews on pet insurance, but do note that a local vet which has very good reviews offers wellbing plans which includes all sorts of worming and dental visits.

We have had three dogs over the years… first two I didn’t get any… then one of them got severe Epilepsy and started suffering from seizures… 10’s of thousands of dollars later and I wish I had got insurance.

for the third dog we go insurance

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I’m sensing you’re concerned with the cost of it all.

I’ve had numerous dogs(litters)/cats(litters)/cows/sheep/rabbits/mice, been around horse owners etc etc.

Everything matters on WHICH breed you get.

Imagine having a human child, but that child could turn out to be a combination of things. Hairy, angry, lazy, stupid or any combination.

It’s a commitment for sure. Just make sure you keep it disciplined. Best advice.

(It will lower your costs)

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Pet insurance is an absolute scam in my experience. I’ve never had a dog need to go to the dentist and flea/tick/worming treatments are relatively inexpensive over the counter. Friends of mine had premium insurance for their mastiff who needed an operation. The insurer wouldn’t cover the operation for some stupid reason like the breed is predisposed to that sort of injury. I’m not one that believes in prolonging a dog’s life for the sake of it. I’d rather put the animal down than let it live out another few years in pain and agony. Of course, some people have a different opinion to me.

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The cost is absolutely an issue with me among other things but without going too much into it, its happening and I have to deal with it.

Well be getting a 2 year old Border Collie, so not a huge amount there in regards to genetic predispostions. Some of the things ive read around other breeds have been genuinly shocking ie King Charles Cavs have issues with their brains out growing rheir skulls!

If it’s a general Border Collie without upbringing issues you’ll be fine.

Keep it clean, disciplined (If bad behaviour happens, don’t be afraid to behave like a pack leader), Lovely and intelligent creatures.

Closer to wolves than your Shitzus. :wink:


Ive had Border Collies before and theyre a beautiful breed. Going to need several new dysons though for the hair

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The problem you’ll have without insurance is vets are now all financed up the arse for new shiny equipment so the prices for any minor issue have skyrocketed with insurers covering the cost. You’re essentially paying a subscription service should a problem arise.

It’s the same thing dentists have done - kit themselves out with massively expensive equipment and then jack your prices to cover the cost, except insurers pay out a nominal amount in their case.

Pet insurance at least covers a large proportion for most things, unless the breed has those predisposed conditions.

If you’re suddenly up for 5k of bills, for something that won’t diminish the general day to day life of the dog post having it fixed (that is something you wouldn’t ordinarily put it down over) - can you afford to pay it?

If the answer is no, but you can afford pet insurance - get that. Or be comfortable with having to put your pet down should you not want to pay an excessive vet bill.

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As long as you know how much they need to be exercised!

Basic care and understanding. Natural looking after.

Just like cars, your own body, home finances… If you look after it, you will have less costs overall.

Insurance is what’s on the label. Minimize the need for it.

Everyones choice in the end.

Sweet jeebus

That’s very tough. Godspeed.

@Jabbatron You’ve had Border Collies before, by the sounds of it, but you’ll either need a good-sized backyard for a 2 yo Border Collie, or a good-sized dog park for him to run in. Failing either of those, you’ll probably need to walk the dog twice a day or a long, brisk walk, even a jog perhaps.

Crate training will make your life immeasurably easier, might be difficult at 2 though.
Not that the dog needs to be in the crate all the time, but being able to put your pup in a safe space that they enjoy being in if ever they injure themselves, or they freak out at fireworks or thunderstorms.
We have 4 Belgian Shepherds and they take themselves off to their crates to sleep or all the time.

I’ve never had one but from what I understand is that they are very intelligent. Sounds like they need to be kept busy. Gorgeous dogs though

If I got 1 wish from a genie, it would be to get a dog.


Dogs are the best people


Grew up with cats as a kid. Didn’t have room for a dog.

Currently my furbaby. We got her basically as a stray kitten. She’s very protective of me. Loves a cuddle, pat and head bops.


Hope you really really like dog hair. we have a collie, she’s a sweetie, but the hair , man…
Restrict her from the sleepng quarters , or it’ll be all through your bed too.
Training is essential. Ours had some, really did well, had to stop taking her for a variety of reasond, really want to get her back in to it.

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Wot? No bell?