The Phone Thread (Apple, Androids & Rotary Dials)

Didn’t see any sign of a thread for phones on the new forum, so I took the liberty of creating a new one.

Currently in the market for a new phone. I’ve been on the Samsung S7 for the past 2 years and I am looking to stay with Android. Before defaulting to the S9, I was wondering if anybody had any other recommendations for Android?

The OnePlus6T is getting a lot of attention in the US at the moment and it is about 2/3rds of the price of the S9 and most recent IPhone. It seems too good to be true at that price.

I really only need it for calls, emails, music and photos. Long battery life would be desirable.

Get a cheap Xiomi phone, $200-300 does everything you need.

I have a Kogan Agora 8+ that cost me $200, works just fine.

My significant other just upgraded to an S9 a week and a half ago (it doubles as a work phone, so they’re paying for it) from a sony z3 compact (we keep our phones for a while usually, i’m still on z5 compact). Works well, and for until the 18th they’re running a promotion where if you get one you can claim a free set of relatively expensive JBL headphones (RRP350).

Of course, I have no idea what the headphones actually sell for and there’s very few reviews of them (and i’m not suggesting get the s9 for the headphones), just that if you are going to get one, consider doing it this week.

As to the phone itself - battery life decent (though she doesn’t use it as much as some), very slick and fast compared to previous and camera is excellent, from the limited use so far.

I have an S8 that I got in January (before the S9 came out). It’s the first Samsung Android phone that I’ve owned. Prior to that I had a Pixel, a Nexus 5 and an HTC One. My wife recently bought a Pixel 2, which was on my shortlist when I got the S8. I’m now envious of her Pixel 2! The main reason I didn’t get one myself is because of the lack of headphone jack, but now I wish I’d just accepted that and got the Pixel 2.

The google phones that I’ve had are much nicer than the Samsung or HTC. The OS feels faster and cleaner, and when I’ve used my wife’s phone it just seems much nicer. I haven’t looked at the S9 as I’m not in the market for a new device at the moment, so I can’t pass too much judgement on it, but I’d prefer a native google device. I really hate that I can’t disable “Bixby” on the S8 for example, it’s rubbish.

For the record, I get phones through work, so I don’t need to pay for them myself, hence the easy justification of a premium device. But if you’re considering cheaper devices, just factor in camera quality and storage capacity.

I’ve had two OnePlus phones, currently on the 5T and I think the hype is real. Basically vanilla Android and super fast. The compromises you have to make for the price are all well documented but none of them are things I care about. If you’re in the same boat it’s a great choice.

I concur with the Oppo comment by my inebriated insect friend here

I’m also on my second Oppo. But time for an upgrade - 5T or 6 I think.

One word of caution though with them. There are 2 main OS with Oppo. Go for the Oxygen OS over the Color OS - it’s more stock Android and much more flexible.

Thanks for all the recommendations. After all that, I ended up with the S9. I chose the S9 due to my provider only offering the smaller size OnePlus 6T and it not having external storage capability.

After a week of using the S9, I am reasonably happy. Although I don’t notice much of a difference between the S7 and S9. Shattered screen aside.

How is the battery life? I’m also thinking about upgrading from a somewhat smashed S7 to an S9.

I haven’t let it run down from 100% to 0% yet. But it appears to be marginally better.