The Seria A Thread

Icardi just won the Milan derby with a 92nd minute goal

Only because of a Donnarumma fuck up, he was out further than fucking Redmayne was the other night.

Either way we’re destined for another 5or 6th place finish anyway, we don’t have the defense nor pointy end to compete with the top 3/4 this season.

Federico Chiesa is going to be a baller. His close control while running at defences is up there with the best. He just needs to improve his decision making. He will be making a big money move in the summer but I won’t be surprised if it is in January.

His father was a pretty awesome player, too.

I have a question more directed at the Azzurri than the Serie A. Some of the Azzurri selections for the latest squad are majorly puzzling. No Cutrone, Belotti or Candreva in the squad, but uncapped 29-year-old Pavoletti, and Sandro Tonali, who has not even played a game of Serie A before, have been picked. What’s the deal? Additionally, why is it that guys like Immobile can’t recreate their goalscoring heroics in Serie A with the national team? Serie A surely hasn’t slipped that far quality-wise?

Tonali has huge wraps on him. Think it’s a bit like Ange selecting Ikon

Any Milan fans on this site? It all kicked off this morning and I feel Juve have wrapped up the league. As a Juve fan, it hurt to see Gonzalo leaving the field crying. He gave everything to our club and it seems that he was forced out by Marrotta and co.

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There is. :slight_smile:


Suck my cock Inter.


As a Juventus fan, I was very pleased with this mornings games. 16 points ahead and cruising. Still on the Allegri out bandwagon though!

Goran Pandev had an eventful day out for Genoa in what’s looking like a relegation 6 pointer away to Lecce.

Opens the scoring with a cracker, insane control and half-volley finish from long range after a shanked GK clearance (possible offside in the buildup ignored), then on the stroke of HT wins a penno to put Genoa 2-0 up. Genoa celebrate in front of their away contingent as the whistle has gone for HT, so the groundskeeper puts on ONE and only one sprinkler right in that corner of the pitch. :joy:

In the space of about 5 second half minutes Pandev gets booked for a shocking dive in the box, totally fucks up a simple 2 on 1 that could’ve killed the game, then gets his marching orders for a 2nd yellow for a late tackle. Genoa have to finish with 9 men and hang on for dear life to a 2-2 draw.

Pandev was always an amazingly talented player.

As for Milan, we’re rebuilding as the cliche goes after Giampaolo the clown ruined the start of our season.

Explain this, Newton.

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Wow!!! Does this not remind you of another ahem sport. Brings to mind the Mike Brady song.

The air is the only place he’s better than Messi.

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Milan derby delivering.

Inter looked to have bottled a chance to go top, down 0-2 at half time (Zlatan assist and goal, because of course). Now it’s back to 2-2, and their assistant coach has just been red carded.

This is pretty massive - at least almost a month’s delay in Serie A.

This is fucked. :worried:

Daniele Rugani has been been tested positive for Corona Virus. Will be interesting to see how this effects Juventus and European football as a whole.