The SFCU Knockout Game 2019/20 - CORONAVIRUS HIATUS - GAME 7 TO COME!

So Ancient Mariner jinxes us but falls on his sword and is knocked out

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@Hybrid and @BlueSky to go…

Barcelona, please

Definitely a huge advantage in that pick.

Whos still left? I know Im out.

Hadjuk play this weekend so in by default.

woooow default!

We’ve got 1 to go in @Hybrid this game week. Down to the final 7 in game 3.

Toughest selection so far. Any other week I’d pick our boys to roll Wests but think we may have one eye on the Cup Final.

Therefore I choose Perth to lay down a marker. FTT

edit: thanks for the tags, much appreciated :call_me_hand:

No dramas mate.

All selections now in. Good luck for this week everyone!

Probably realised from my last post I thought Monaco had already played Dijon. This round makes way more sense now

I was wondering what was going on there… :sweat_smile:

I was coming on here to write as nicely as I could that it was unfair that Hybrid and syd85 were getting to pick when some of the games had already been played.

Also makes me “Monaco for new manager effect” tip pointless. Ah well.

I had to double-check at first because I thought the games were for this weekend and tried to understand why Adelaide vs Sydney wasn’t on the list :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck all!

Basically the forum re-opened on the Wed/Thurs from memory meaning not enough time for last week. Hence, wanted to get the thread back up and running ASAP to keep momentum going.

Good luck for the games starting tomorrow guys! :slight_smile:

Hybrid is the real winner here :sweat_smile:

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So, down to our final three and final round for Game 3. Remember, this round requires you to pick a winner and then the team with the highest goals scored in this game week will be declared the winner. Once a team has been picked by another person, that team becomes locked and you cannot pick the same team.

Good luck to our final 3! Tables to be updated following this round.

Game 3, Round 4 Final Round

Melbourne City (0) vs Sydney FC (3)
Aston Villa (2) vs Bolton Wanderers (0)
Arsenal (1) vs Liverpool (1)
Schalke (3) vs Hannover (1)
Fiorentina (1) vs Roma (1)
Guangzhou Evergrande (4) vs Shanghai SIPG (5)
Nagoya (1) vs Vissel Kobe (2)


Ancient Mariner - Aston Villa (2)
Blue Sky - Guangzhou Evergrande
Hybrid - Fiorentina

Eesh, brutal selection, but I’ll take Fiorentina please.

We should all be aware but SFC are away. :wink:

Whoops! :wink:

I’ll sort that out now.

Guangzhou Evergrande, please.

I thought I was knocked out last round. However if VAR has given me another chance I will take Villa please.