The SFCU Knockout Game 2019/20 - CORONAVIRUS HIATUS - GAME 7 TO COME!

One of the SFCU staples in old times. Keen to bring this back so here we go for Game 1. I’ll try and create an honour board on this page as well as we go along in the season.

Rules are simple

  1. pick a winner from list of games provided by Friday 5pm, if your selection draws or loses you get knocked out

  2. last person standing wins

  3. you have the right to argue the rules but you will not be participating in any future games

  4. The “Narff Rule” - if your game gets abandoned or postponed outside game week you will receive a bye


2018/19 - Higdawg (13 pts)


Game 1 - hercules & MrRooney (Joint)
Game 2 - sydneyfc_FTT
Game 3 - mental
Game 4 - RedKat
Game 5 - Arriba_SFC
Game 6 - FTT123

2019/20 Table:

Arriba_SFC 5 pts
FTT123 5 pts
mental 5 pts
RedKat 5 pts
sydneyfc_FTT 5 pts
hercules 4 pts
Ancient_Mariner 3 pts
hillbilly 3 pts
eddie 3 pts
MrRooney 3 pts
Huntso 1 pt
Higdawg 1 pt
Factor 1 pt

Winner = 5pts
Runner Up = 3pts
Finalist = 1pt

I feel the old adage of a “quick game is a good game” for the sake of interest in this thread (especially given that we have an international break coming up for most leagues and therefore a break in club football). Despite that, obviously it’s silly to have 5 winners so I will post another group of games coming up mid-week.

I’m proposing a new rule:

  • In circumstances where there is no winners amongst the remaining contenders, a sudden death round is initiated. What this means is that only one person can pick a particular team i.e.: no double ups out of a choice of 12 teams (6 games). The winner will be determined based on firstly, a win. If more than 1 team chosen wins their game, we then go to goals scored as a tie breaker (i.e.: the team who scores more goals in their game takes the title), then if that is equal - goals conceded (i.e.: least goals conceded in a game). If that is still equal then we’ll go joint champions.


1 - Title is taken by sole winner in tie breaker round.
2 - If more than one winner, goals scored by chosen team
3 - If goals scored the same, goal margin comes into contention i.e.: 2-1 beats 2-0.
4 - Goals conceded by selected team (least wins).
5 - If all equal, joint champions.

Are we all happy with this? (Any problems, please raise them) - obviously being the first round there are a few issues such as this to iron out so that Game 2 goes smoother with hopefully more people.

A decent number through! We now move on to the international break.

Note: Given that some of the games are on Friday morning, I am making the deadline 5am Friday just before the games start.

Game 3, Round 2

Austria (1) vs Northern Ireland (0)
Croatia (0) vs England (0)
Greece (1) vs Hungary (0)
Poland (2) vs Portugal (3)
Russia (0) vs Sweden (0)
Peru (3) vs Chile (0)
Slovakia (1) vs Czech Republic (2)
Norway (1) vs Slovenia (0)
Uganda (2) vs Lesotho (0)


sydneyfc_FTT - Russia
CountArach - Portugal
Modest_Hatchback_Owner - Slovenia
Ancient Mariner - Portugal
Blue Sky - Norway
RedKat - Uganda
Hybrid - Austria
CN001 - England
FTT123 - Portugal
Simo - Portugal
scooter - Chile

Hey guys, so obviously the forum migration wasn’t expected (but looks awesome and really looking forward to continuing the game on this platform). I will be uploading a round of games for next week to allow people time to migrate across to this new platform. These entries will close on Friday night (26th October) at 5pm.

Good luck everyone!

Game 3, Round 3

Southampton (0) vs Newcastle (0)
Tottenham vs Manchester City
Sydney FC (2) vs Western Sydney Wanderers (0)
Melbourne Victory (2) vs Perth Glory (3)
Lazio vs Inter Milan
Monaco (2) vs Dijon FCO (2)
Bursaspor (2) vs Alanyaspor (0)
Hajduk Split (1) vs Rijeka (1)
Barcelona (5) vs Real Madrid (1)


CountArach - Hajduk Split
Ancient Mariner - Sydney FC
Blue Sky - Barcelona
RedKat - Monaco
Hybrid - Perth Glory
FTT123 - Hajduk Split
Simo - Southampton

Thrilled for Uganda and that tipping them gets me through. That said I was tossing up between Hungary, Portugal and Uganda and all of them won

I noticed that! :joy:

Ill get in early this time. Ill go for the new manager effect and tip Monaco.

Hopefully the other 6 see this in time.

Ill take winner by default.

Solid copying the Ninkovic picture

Hahaha mate if you recall I had Ninko back on the old forum (just a different photo).

Ninko is life!

Hajduk thanks.

If you type @ and the person’s username they will get a notification and that might help here.

I was going to do that but I figured them getting the notification probably depends on them having logged onto the new forum first?

yes, it does

Newcastle are a shambles at the moment, so Southampton it is. Cant risk the jinx

Can’t seem to tag those with two words in their name…

apparently usernames with spaces are problematic

No brainer, Sydney FC please.

Don’t do that! :sweat_smile:

I’ll go for Split thanks.

2 to go… solid effort on getting the numbers so quickly!