The Trent from Punchy Thread

Just so gutted for the guy after the pre-season he has had. He arrived to a pretty underwhelmed and skeptical response and seemed to be really getting on with the job of proving something to those doubters. Do any of the stats boffins on here include pre-season games in their databases? How does his pre-season compare on say goals/minute to other players and years? I imagine it would be right up there.

Hope he recovers well and continues on the same development path.

I think @Rowdy can help you with the pre-season stats. The whole injury after a great pre-season reminds me so much of Gameiro.

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I have friendlies in my database, but per-minute stats are hard to come by, especially with this new trend for games behind-closed-doors.

By my count, Buhagiar got 4 goals for us in friendlies, plus 4 in the FFA Cup. Definitely reminiscent of Gameiro’s 2014 pre-season, where he got 11 in 9 friendlies (including a double against West Ham) plus an FFA Cup goal.

Also the thread title should definitely reference the fact that he is literally Trent from Punchy. He was born there.

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I’m internetly challenged so happy to take any suggestions from someone more informed.

Thanks Rowdy. Really puts it into perspective for a guy who was supposed to be a pace merchant and nothing else.

Every goal Trent scored for us in one handy clip courtesy of the Sydney FC Archive channel:

He was really good in that one ACL campaign, and man he got really lucky in that one game against the Nix (the more I see it the less I suspect he was actually composed in the WSW win too). Anyways, all the best to Trent from Punchy.


Has he signed onto an NPL team yet?

Jets haven’t been relegated yet mate

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