The TV Show Thread

It’s almost as if they’re looking at current events and satirising them!

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I just finished Gen V and I think I preferred that, maybe I just found the characters more likable?

That’s the point of The Boys, though.

The 7 are about as despicable as humans beings get. Homelander is just a representation of the right-wing nutjobs that have infiltrated American political society. He’s everything that Trump embodies amongst his supporters.

The rest of the 7 are not good people; but there’s elements to them that shows they’ve been corrupted by the system which has turned them into the people they are.

Even the good guys aren’t “good”. They’ve all done pretty atrocious stuff and are just spiraling out of control.

I wouldn’t say there’s any “likeable” characters in the show, but that’s the point.

Simon Pegg was doing ok until recently

Its a very typical Garth Ennis story and characters, he also wrote Preacher and Hitman both full of ambiguous characters. He also had runs on Punisher and Hellblazer with two lead characters defined by their ‘good people doing bad things’ storylines.

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It’s not unusual.

Bryan Cranston’s two biggest roles were playing unlikeable people.

For me The Boys suffers a bit coming right on the heels of Preacher.

Preacher was just so gloriously fun, it was a rollercoaster ride to hell and back and the other side of the apocalypse and was just a joyful fucked up adventure from start to finish.

The Boys is fantastic, clever and entertaining, but it doesn’t give me the same satisfaction as Preacher did.

He was pretty likeable in Malcolm in the middle.

Nope. Hal is a terrible person.

Me too.

Lizze Broadway and Asa Germann’s scene was some superb acting.

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Severance season 2 release date confirmed for January 2025.

6 month wait… Looking forward to it though!

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I feel like season 1 was almost 18 months ago?

I reckon it was longer. Maybe 2 and a half years back?

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Oh wow really? Time to google

Edit: Feb 2022! Yikes