The TV Show Thread

Would have gone without the word Show if not for the character minimum on thread titles

Whats been good?

Recently tried watching Maniac but lost interest after a few episodes. May give it another go though.

Good Place remains incredible but the Australian accents are borderline intolerable now that the show is set in Sydney.

Is it worse than the Aussie accents used in Pacific Rim?

Fauda on Netflix was good. Reasonably balanced (but understandably mostly pro Israel given its source) take of an Israeli undercover unit in the West Bank. Good watching with subtitles over the original Hebrew and Arabic. Pretty entertaining.

Some characters are fine but one of the new characters has that awful accent every American does when trying to imitate an Australian which is somewhere between Cockney and Kiwi.

See Steve Guttenberg in “Don’t Tell Her It’s Me?”"


Mr Inbetween was good, 6 episode comedy/drama about a standover man working out of the Sefton Playhouse.

Mayans M.C. is a sequel to Sons Of Anarchy, good if you liked the original.

The Purge is based on the movies about a single night each year where there are no laws.

Into the dark is an anthology horror show with a new episode each month based on a holiday that happens that month, episode 1, The Body was easily better than most horror movies.

Titans is a live-action version of the DC Teen Titans comic, like Justice League Junior, very grimdark and probably the best DC TV show so far, though aside from Robin, most of the superheroes are pretty obscure.

Is it any good compared to the movies?

Enjoying Mr Inbetween. It’s been very good.


He’s stull tryin to full the yerrnig void wuthun humsilf


The most offensive part was when they showed characters ostensibly in a Sydney bar with direct access to a bottle of vodka.

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And Mayans seems less dumber & more grittier than SOA.

Gave Jack Whitehall Travels With My Father a go on the weekend, smashed through the first season in one sitting. I can’t remember laughing so hard at a show in a very long time, thoroughly enjoyable.

Jack Whitehall is very watchable. He’s always great on the comedy panel shows.

I’ve been watching the first few eps of Pine Gap. Not brilliant but still an interesting concept. Good to see some locally made shows and it’s not often you get to see places like Alice Springs on tv

Forever (Amazon Prime) - I really enjoyed it, can’t say too much for fear of ruining it, it’s got Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen in it. It’s funny and poignant but odd and at times weirdly unsettling.

Glad to have The Good Place back on Netflix, am keen to see if they can top last season. So far the Aussie accents are doing my head in.

Watched the first 2episodes of bodyguard on Netflix. If it goes the way I think it will it should turn out pretty good, enjoying it so far

Really enjoying The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. Its an 8 episode murder mystery on Stan. Wife an I binge watched it over 2 nights.

“Press” on BBC First has made a good start Ep 1 on last night.
Follows two rival newspapers one on the left (The Herald) & the other, gutter sensationalism (The Post).
There’s at least one Aussie cast in a Journo role.