The weather thread: smalltalk edition

Always a favourite of mine.

This last month has been the wettest drought I can remember.

How about that weather today, huh? It sure is something!

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Climate change eh? How about it?!

First full week of proper mid 20s weather out here since autumn. Had about 4hrs of site work today and got burnt to shit.

Looks like it could be a weird day tomorrow:

Awful out there today. I’ve never had hay fever but this combination of very strong winds, dust, and spring pollens has introduced me to that runny-nosed pleasure.

Try throwing in some asthma as well.

So from dust storms last week to heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and damaging winds this week:

Absolute mental driving into work today. Lightning like crazy and could barely see! All the traffic lights on Kissing Pt Rd were out to top it off as well

And yet again Lewisham station is flooded so it was a struggle to get to work.

That’s a great snapshot of today’s journalistic standards.

People who deliberately drive into flood waters & have to be rescued should have to pay for it.

Also in another classic case of Sydney motoring idiocy an overweight truck attempted to drive into Galston Gorge.

Our big boss came around just after lunch and told us we can go home early due to the rain. Doesn’t seem that bad to me but I didn’t want to argue with the Guvnor :metal:

There are so many signs when you’re approaching the gorge that warn about fines etc. I don’t understand why truck drivers are just like “yeah, but I’ll be fine”.

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Absolutely carpeted with hail today, while also being about 26-27 degrees.

To give you a sense of satisfaction - a woman who drove into 1 metre high flood waters in Schofields last night (with two young kids in the car) was charged with neg driving after being rescued by police.

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Got back in this morning from Japan. Gee it’s warm.

How is it still fucking 30 degrees?

Humidity feels like 100% plus.