To the Maxi! The Burgess thread

Anyway, enough bickering about the coach.

Max Burgess is my favourite Sydney player this season. Also, my favourite thing about Sydney FC this season is Max Burgess.

Positive, makes shit happen, local boy and does a good impression of looking like he gives a shit about playing for Sydney FC. Has a weird run with his arms flailing about but can actually motor when those long legs get going.

When he’s not playing, I ask why is Max Burgess not playing, I wish Max Burgess was playing. When he is playing, I enjoy games better. It’s no coincidence that our lowest point in years (that last derby at home) was when (or rather because) he was absent.

I await more praise in this thread.


Have always loved a gangly running style. Extra points for socks around the ankles.
He has really come into his own this season

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Forza the Bondi Bergkamp.



hes got better and better as the season progressed, the turning point (in my opinion) was the winning goal away at combank… hes been different level since then


+1 for the pasty Tom Rogic fanclub. No Maxi no party.

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The improvement has also coincided with a run of games starting centrally as the 10, no bouncing around out to LW.


At least once or twice every game he just seems to come out of nowhere with a great interception and tackle that he can then spin nicely into a counter. What a great player.

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He is back to his best and showing why we signed him. He has improved game after game it seems.

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He is good.

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He used to have that annoying habit of taking a few too many touches then playing the low percentage pass after doing something initially great with the ball and I was worried this was always going to hold him back. However his decision making has improved in leaps and bounds this season and continues to get better. So good to see. And always great to see someone whos come through the club pay week in for us.




He still dicks around on the ball a bit much.

But he’s improving.

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Yeah but he wants to get it forward. He wants to get at teams.
City kept fouling him last Friday and I imagine we’ll see much of the same this Friday.

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City are cunts


Yes, this is a desirable trait.


I have always enjoyed the way he plays football. Technique, tactical nous, huge enthusiasm and engine, guts and commitment.

I hope he is not leaving his run to the Socceroos too late? Is another Jackson Irvine type of player, with a less defensive grit and awareness, but more inventiveness in attack.

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Not a fan of the low-socks thing, but I won’t hold that against him.

He can play in thongs for all I care.

Or a thong.


He’s due a long-range belter. This weekend, I reckon.