TV Ratings and Revenue

Netflix have branched out into more live content recently, I think they might be getting some NFL games this year too, though possibly via ESPN so likely wont need a production team?

I think that is likely the sticking point with live sport for them - needing so much infrastructure on the ground to actually present the games. If there isn’t someone to do this and pump it into their network, it’s just not going to happen.

I thought APL outsources production, Paramount just hosts it, so that probably wouldn’t be a problem.

Netflix would be sweet. Their service actually works which is a bonus


AND has pause & rewind.

I’m all for Netflix, and they can do spin off documentaries about clubs. Obviously the Wanderers would be avid watching.

Just watch SBS

Streaming services only commit to content like that if it a) drives subscriptions or b) retains subscribers who would otherwise drop the service. If it also meets some other required metric like local content or whatever that’s great but it wouldn’t make the decision for them.
They would have other cheaper options to make those kind of quotas.

For someone like me it does drive a subscription. I’ll only retain paramount if they have the A-League. I’d only get Optus if they get the A-League. The question is how many people out there are like me in that regard - that’s the primary driver. For broadcasters or ad supported streaming the equation is different obviously. Eyeballs matter way more.


There’s another part to that though. It could be an attractive option for a company trying to break into the market as well. A League would be relatively low risk and (as above) produces its own content. If Netflix wants the big money makers like AFL or NRL, if they show they can cover a comp like AL, it’d make them more attractive. Yeah they may splash the cash for the NRL, but they’d be more hesitant in giving it to a company that has had zero experience in sporting content. It’d be the equivalent of what Optus did for the World Cup, especially after they passed on the rights to SBS for a whole bunch of the games

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You mean they don’t make MAFS Island on the Spectrum just because it’s quality television? What about My Master Rules? Or Property House Block???

I was thinking even cheaper. Check out the fitness videos on Optus.

At least one.


The Optus strategy I think was more loss leader oriented. Pay big for the world cup and it will drive short term subscriptions and try to maintain some of them with the EPL & CL. Not sure the A-League has the cachet to be that kind of content.

Apple TV already has the MLS, that would be great.

Is the MLS watchable through there? The Friday night MLB games were not (see few posts back), didn’t get around to trying out any MLS games during Apple TV trial as I think they required an add-on subscription.

Stan Sports should bid for the A League when it comes around. Their operation is light years ahead of poo+…

The PQ is much better than poo+.and their presenting and analysis team for CL games is much better than anything from poo+.

Optus Sports wont bid for the A League therebis no need. Optus should bid for more European stuff like Serie A. BeIN’s production and presentation operation is crap.

I don’t really have anything to compare to but Stan’s system and working for the Aus open Tennis is amazing. You can choose watch and rewind for like 15 courts at once, replays and highlights etc up almost instantly etc

In an ideal world all football competitions broadcast in Australia should be on Stan Sports…

I’d pay $60 a month just for that!

I’d rather it stay on Paramount than go behind a double paywall at Stan.

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Stan is also owned by channel 9 so I guess there is the chance of some promotion on the FTA channel

I’ve said it before but the APL should find a way to buy the EPL rights themselves, and then on-sell it with the A-League bundled in.

If a broadcaster or streamer wants the Premier League rights they gotta take the A-L too. With contractual obligations and penalties to ensure the A-L receives appropriate coverage.

How much are Optus paying a year for EPL?