TV Ratings and Revenue

Ratings pretty much stank the place out last night:

Taken from @FootyindustryAU

The derby tonight will be the big test though. Also I don’t know how many people streamed it through My Football but I assume that would add to the tally.

Fuck all, I would imagine.

And some of those other years have simulcast on fta so…

Do you get to stream the a league free of charge and data free if you are a telstra customer? Sounds too good to be true.

Sure its been mentioned before, how do you account for clubs pubs etc. I went to a clb thay had over 50 poeple watching intently and many others more casually.

After years of streaming illicitly, we were finally able to do so legally thanks to the MyFootball app.
The emergence of that app may have had a reasonable hit on Fox viewing.
Also despite all the gubbins about giving the league space to breathe after NRL and AFL seasons, there was no real push I could see. Can we fuck off the long off season and start on September please? It doesn’t make a difference. Then keep the derbies for when the other sports pause


On your phone only, though.

Yep. I’ve also forgone Fox this season for the app. Decent value at $80 for a year, I thought.

Never tried the app… can you chrome cast or anything? Foxtel very pricey in comparison

It won’t allow you to Chromecast, but you can bypass it if you open the app and the stream, and then kick off the screen sharing and go back to the app.

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Might have to give that a try next month… and at least my subscription dollars will go to direct to football not having foxtel think it’s the nrl and f1 and cricket and everthing else along with the a league

The above doesn’t include the ratings from One.

I do think the new streaming app is making a real difference because I don’t see how you can have such a massive crowd (7th highest Melbourne derby crowd) and also have low TV ratings.

I doubt it.

  1. The Friday night game was down too.

  2. who is watching it on their phone when they can watch it on TV for free?

  3. 7th highest Derby crowd is meant to be so massive?
    I actually thought it was a bit low considering how big each teams offseasons were.

The good thing is you can try it out with a weekly subscription for a fiver first. I did this with the FFA cup and worked out that it will do the job so was worth going ahead with the annual sub.

Here’s some info on streaming numbers:

So just add about a third to whatever is quoted.

It’s not something people raise particularly often but Fox losing the EPL rights completely fucked the A-League.

Interesting article from Rugari stating what has been said above regarding the take up of My Football:

I watched a bit on the MyFootball app last night.

It’s… not great. Ok on the phone i suppose, but a bit framey. It must be a blurry mess if you blow it up on a 55 inch TV.

The bit rate does not appear to be there.

It varies. It can be decent

After 3 rounds crowds are down 13%. Average crowd of 9k.

This would be more reflective of those TV numbers, yeah?

Yeah it would, though mind you those are pretty much the five lowest drawing teams all hosting at once. I’ll be interested to see where that number sits in a few rounds’ time.

But still down 13% based on the three rounds.

Maybe everyone is watching it on their phone?