UEFA Nations League

What do we make of this as a concept? Could something like it work for the AFC?

Currently have Germany and Croatia relegated to League B.

For me it seems to take away a bit of the glamour of the EUROs

I’m worried about the reduction in the number of friendlies reducing our ability to play decent European opposition.

I really love the concept and have been following the results keenly. I’ve wanted to watch some but have never had the energy to get up that early.

I look forward to seeing next cycle’s tournament even more, seeing how the promoted teams fare making the step up.

It’s a valid point Count Arach makes but I would think it will go back to a more normal routine re: playing friendlies against non-euro opponents next cycle as everyone knows what to expect. In the bedding in process I guess it was easier to organise a cross group friendly against another country that wasn’t playing on that matchday as they would be looking for a game. Logistically it would be a lot easier than playing Sth American or Asian opposition.

As for the concept, I think it is brilliant and has bought a much needed boost to International football. There’s no way friendlies would have received the attention these games did. It also means that the lower nations are guaranteed games that they can be competitive in and stops the bigger nations playing ridiculous qualification matches against vastly inferior opposition.
It’s definitely something the AFC should bring in for the next Asian Cup qualification process however the travel involved would mean that organising a friendly on the match day you don’t have a game would be very difficult.

Croatia vs Spain tomorrow should hopefully be a good game.

I don’t see the Nations League lasting too long. Elite players already play too many games as it is and the shitty little finals format in June 2019 is just going to mean another off-season that is severely cut short for the top players of the four nations participating in the finals. They already have the Euros, the Confederations Cup and the World Cup elsewhere in the four-year cycle.

Given the time and work that has gone in over the last few years to get it up and running I don’t see it going anywhere. I do however agree with you in that players play too many games as is, especially those at top clubs and top countries.
What I can see happening is players fobbing it off in preference for a break and cementing this as a C grade tournament.

This is not true at all.

There has always been an international window in which UEFA has played internationals in June. In 2015 those dates were Euro 2016 qualification, and this time around those dates are Euro 2020 qualification except for the teams competing in the NL finals, who will be drawn into the four smaller qualifying groups.

So Germany were relegated into Group B. Compare where they are now to when they won the World Cup.

Down 2-0 at half time, Switzerland needed four goals to go through to the finals. They won 5-2.

I feel like this is exactly the type of thing Englands going to win and refer to as finally winning a big tournament

Heaven helps us if they win. I’m hoping they play Portugal and get knocked out on penalties like they usually do :sunglasses:

Ideally CRonaldo wins a pen off a blatant dive in the 89th minute to win it.