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Formerly the Brexit Thread

Frankly it’s remarkable she got this close to a deal given the dissent from within her own party at every step.

No confidence motion brought forward apparently. I almost want Johnson to get in, rip up the EU agreement and show the idiots exactly how screwed over they will get, especially after Scotland votes for independence.

At least the BBC is giving this nation-defining event the coverage it deserves, right up there with the great cooker rip-off of 2018 and the not-so-leaning-anymore tower of Pisa!

That’s based on cookies isn’t it? My one has completely different article. Kubica, 4 hr bamboo house winds top prize, mystery of Beetles records and Italian town being British. Very valid articles,…

In fairness, not much has changed has it? Some MP’s hate it, some like it, still need to vote

May has delayed the key vote:

What an absolute farce this whole thing is.

Gotta think that’s the end of her in charge. Read a snippet of an article (didn’t read the full thing), that suggested UK can still unilaterally pull out of Brexit and remain in the EU from a legal standing.

Best analogy that I’ve heard with brexit and the “leave” campaign, is, it’s akin to someone cancelling their gym membership, and the complaining that they can’t use he gym equipment anymore

Yeah I can’t see May lasting much longer. I guess the big question is what can the person who takes over actually do about it? There are just no good options here that will satisfy enough MPs.

I think whoever gets in, needs to hold another referendum asap. The biggest issues with the whole debacle is the fact that the original referendum was split 50/50, with significantly more young people wanting to stay, as opposed to leaving. Enough time has passed that they now have more younger voters enrolled which will see a decent swing against Brexit. The original 50/50 vote meant it’s always been a case of “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” It’s why Australia has a 60% margin (I think).

It doesn’t help that you have idiots like Farrage and Boris Johnson working their arses off to try and discredit what is potentially the best deal they will get, without offering solutions, apart from generic “the deal has to be better” comments.

Yeah a second referendum that comes up with a remain vote would be the only way to save any sort of face. I just can’t see it happening because of the huge logistics of organising and holding a referendum before the deadline.

We have a double majority, that is, a majority overall and a majority in four states. We also have compulsory voting, so in practice you need somewhere in the ballpark of 60.

The insanity that nobody in the UK (mostly just England) ever acknowledged was that 52% of 75% turnout isn’t a majority, but they’re so far up their own arses as the self-appointed greatest empire on Earth (in 2018) that they don’t believe themselves capable of doing anything wrong. They deserve everything that’s happening to them.

The whole thing has been a farce from start to finish. The whole fake news campaign by the brexit side should be prosecuted in court and they be forced to pay costs for the previous referendum.

What astoudns me the most, is the clear distinction in age groups and how they voted. The younger generation voted overwhelmingly to stay, surely politicians realize that with each coming year, more and more young people will be able to vote, which will skew the vote to remain. Shits me how there is zero care for future generations.

Let me be clear about this, its 100% on England and stupid ignorant English morons.

Scotland and Northern Ireland voted Remain. Scottish voters in the Independence Referendum were told by the lying English bastards that the only way to stay in the EU was to stay in the UK. Then the cunts did this idiotic brexit thing because the Germans bombed their chip shop in WWII or some other fucking brainless jingoistic nonsensical crap. almost 2/3 of Scottish voters wanted to stay.

On top of that they run the serious risk of restarting a war in Ireland by breaking the Good Friday agreement, because they risk not having an agreement that avoids a hard border between the Republic and N. Ireland due to their breathtaking arrogance.

If the UK does exit the EU, Scotland WILL exit the union one way or another.

I fucking hate the cunts behind this more than words can say, and I despise every stupid racist fuckwit Little Englander who can’t see just how dumb this whole exercise is.


I think the Germans did a bit more than bomb a few chip shops, but I still pissed myself laughing.
It’s all been a very English debacle, hasn’t it? And for what? Hilariously inept from go to whoa
Even the Unionists realise that a hard border in Ireland would be a disaster and May needs them onside.
Some of the other asshats in her party just want to leave without any deal, which could be catastrophic, not just for Ireland but all of our superannuation balances.
With the orange fuckhead in the White house capable of just about anything, my hopes for a comfortable retirement are looking decidedly premature

Brexit is so emblematic of politics generally in this era. So much myopia, so much naked exploitation of the lowest common denominator by demagogues and shameless chancers who’s only legacy will be they embodied the absolute shallows of human history in this age.


A vote of no confidence in May has been called.

Oh well, she got through comfortably. Now she has the joy of trying to pass the Brexit deal

But won’t compete at the next election

Surprised she doesn’t just pull a Ray Patterson.