Variations on traditional association football

With the Powerchair World Cup (mixed gender) starting tomorrow and the Para Asian Cups (men and women) coming up, I thought I’d start one combined thread for any variation of traditional able-bodied 11-a-side association football.

I’ll get to see the first day of the Powerchair WC tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

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The Futsalroos made the Asian Cup for the first time in 8 years recently.

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Futsalroos vs Chinese Taipei

If you have time, watch the last 10 minutes, was certainly all happening…… both teams playing without keepers on offence, dives/fights penalties, 2 goals in the last couple minutes

Give it a rest.

Umm, what?

Not a fan of futsal…

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Someone tells me to “give it a rest” in responding to someone telling me not to mention a rival team, regardless of context, while commenting on a thread I started, they can piss off.

Powerchair WC program.
What’s Andy’s doctorate in? Shit commentary?

Your behaviour is utterly ridiculous now. Knock it off.



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You don’t get to decide who participates in a thread, whether you started it or not.

You have no moderation role here, if you have an issue with the way you’ve been treated or what someone has posted, raise it with me, if you don’t like how I handled it, tough.

You’re in breech of rule 10, stop.


History of Australian football


Poweroos met a very strong USA team who have lost two matches ever (including the last WC final!), and went down 5-0. But this is a super tournament and the skill the players have in the chairs is just extraordinary. There’s nothing like seeing it live to give you the picture.

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You really need to stop getting so utterly defensive when someone posts something you’re not happy with…

Well this is all extremely fascinating however here is a 'variation" on association football.

Calcio Storico Fiorentino., a weird hybrid of rugby,football, wrestling & fighting for some reason played since the Middle Ages in Tuscany.

There’s a great netflix reality show about this.


Absolutely tremendous

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What the fuck happened to our national beach soccer team?

Was looking up David Zdrillic quickly on Wiki, and turns out he’s scored 21 in 11 for us. A quick look at our NT, we haven’t qualified for a Beach Soccer World Cup since 2005.

There’s one in 2023, and we didn’t even enter in AFC Qualifying. I don’t think we have even entered a team into qualifying since 2013 when Zdrillic played

Afghanistan have a beach soccer team, and they’re a war torn landlocked nation for fucks sake.

How do we not have a beach soccer team?! We don’t even have a national ranking.

Probably because the last time a bunch of effniks knocked a ball round on the beach it led to the Cronulla riots.