W-League 2019/20 Thread

Not sure if there’s one for general wleague. Just seen that Marry Fowler has signed for Adelaide United

Interesting to see if she lives up to the hype.

Is the draw out yet?
If not anyone know when it’s coming out?

They got both sisters Mary and Ciara. I’m fairly sure their dad manages them, and wonder whether it was some sort of deal to get them at the same club

Afc club championship starting this year, unfortunately it looks like it will be the premiers not the champions invited to participate.


Live listing of all current signings

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Some really thin squads there, even though it’s now been a further two weeks since you posted that. MV in particular is ridiculous with inaugural Champions League matches seemingly looming for them.
I really like how, similar to our men’s side, our women’s side has been filled out early and with proper consideration. Newcastle have also filled places up early, but apparently gone very local.

Roar squad according to the official website:
Mackenzie Arnold
Georgina Worth

Clare Farrington
Natalie Tathem
Kaitlyn Torpey

Katrina Gorry
Leah Davidson
Hollie Palmer

Rylee Baisden
Indiah-Paige Riley
Allira Toby
Tameka Yallop (Butt)

I’m A w3StY (despite the fact she played at SFC for seven years, during which time the club supported her through 2 knee reconstructions :roll_eyes:) she doesn’t make our first 11 imo but the pandering is ridiculous.

So they have two players now? Good for Jada she now has someone to take shots at her in goal.

That’s great news in that there’s no temptation to play her at LB ahead of our future superstar Green.

City have signed Ellie carpenter, whilst Western suburbs have signed a couple of foreigners Wanderers sign NWSL Champions Hamilton, O’Sullivan and Williams | Western Sydney Wanderers FC