Week 13 - 2020-21 Discussion

It’s absolutely horrible. VAR should have a casual glance at it for anything blatant, and unless it could be clearly overturned from that glance, the ref’s decision should stand. The offside rule was brought into existence to stop goal-hanging, and should not be used for this kind of shit.

As mentioned above, those lines look incredibly suspicious, and as someone who works in software, the deference to the technology as being a perfect all-knowing Deus ex machina makes me chortle so hard that a snot bubble came out of my nostril.


Wanderers are now a fast counter-attacking team?

They created more chances in the first half than most teams do in a whole game, they look dangerous each time they have possession.

If only Richie Garcia had some kind of warning about the high line.


As with all software, its only as good as the moron using it.

I can’t wait to see them standing on the half-way line with Kosta and Wood running onto through balls all night on Wednesday.

They’ll sit deep against us. Clearly we need to be a basket case for 4 years to set teams up for this kind of rope-a-dope.

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Vintage Yeboah brings so much joy.

Someone hand Bozza the tissues

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Easily beating a very poor Glory is not worthy of that kind of praise.

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Yeboah is amazing

That deadset had everything. The timing of the run and somehow not managing to stay in his own half, failing to finish and roll the ball into an empty net on his left foot having rounded the keeper, then inexplicably taking it on to a much tighter angle and allowing Reddy to come back and dive on it. Park level hilarity.


Western Suburbs are looking up and about unfortunately, some really tidy footy and rapid counter attacking. Lord knows how Muller isn’t a starter in this side though unless his body isn’t up to 90 mins.

I think it’s because he is more of a winger rather than a #10 and with Robinson preferring to go with a front 2 and wingbacks there’s not really a spot for him.
Maybe we could do a swap with them, Muller for ABJ?

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What a bonkers call

Yeah, the powers that be for this, as well as the Bulldogs-Panthers game in the NRL, should hang their heads in shame. Especially with the latter because apparently there is at least minor flooding very close to the stadium.

First time ever I’m looking forward to Bozza’s opening weather report.

what idiot thought it would be a good idea to go ahead with this game?

nice of Macarthur to stand there and let him shoot like that

Ground looks good. Wish our ground could have handled it.

How is no one stopping the game, were the commentators the only people in the stadium to see the WU player just get knocked out?