Week 14 - 2020-21 Discussion

Friday 7:05 - City vs WSW
Saturday 7:10 - CCM vs Melbourne
Saturday 9:20 - Perth vs Newcastle
Sunday 4:05 - Wellington vs Macarthur

All home wins for my money

Not that they do a very good job with it, but a bit shit ABC are losing games 2 weekends running.

Ibini puts the Western Suburbs in front. Smart play from Duke to completely ignore a totally open Troisi.


Never see a less deserved lead than that

Perth on Wednesday anyone?



Fuck id love to see Patty deck that cunt.


Class from Noone, but even at park level you have to stand over the ball and confirm the ref is going to blow his whistle first.

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Every now and then Ibini shows some a glimpse of being way too good for this league. His agent would have a strong highlights reel.

LOL at chesting that rocket in

City tearing Western Suburbs a new arsehole tonight

Natta got bricked

Kisnorbo is about to chin Kenny Miller haha

Disgraceful refereeing, clear foul, even if not you need to stop the game. But lol at Robinson blowing up and looking for excuses when they’ve been second best all night anyways.

Noone is on fire tonight. That should’ve been another assist.

Old mate Mack is having a classic twitter meltdown today. Full conspiracy mode activated.

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Saying it’s activated is suggesting it was deactivated to start with …

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4-1 is a more accurate scoreline. Wanderers have been trounced today and City have had a lot of chances.

Wests really have gone down without a whimper, accepted their fate and just let City keep the ball the entire second half.

Dorrans was hot trash, barely broke a sweat so pretty bizarre Baccus got hooked instead. Also have to try and time when Muller finally starts ahead of Troisi, he’s got enough quality to do well in this side, seems a bargain for minimum wage in the fantasy comp. :wink: