Week 17 - 2020-21 Discussion

Friday 7:05pm - WSW vs Brisbane
Saturday 5:05pm - Western vs CCM
Saturday 7:10pm - City vs Melbourne
Sunday 6:10pm - Macarthur vs Newcastle
Sunday 8:15pm - Perth vs Wellington

Macarthur in the dullest 1-0 of all time

Nice to have just a normal six game weekend this week.

Western Suburbs 1-1 Brisbane
Western Utd 1-1 CCM
Melb City 2-1 Melb Losers
Macarthur 2-2 Newcastle
Perth 1-3 Welly

Shame that didn’t go in

It is always a shame when a team fails to put one in the wanderers net but if that one had gone in, the shame would have been international

That’s a nice goal

That was an absolutely super goal just before the break. One of the best crosses I’ve seen in the league for ages. Champness is on fire.

Missed who played the ball to Champness but that was a great ball too

How fun is watching the a-league when you’re at home a bit drunk on the couch.

5 stars.


Oh you mean all the time

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How nice of Troisi to give the match ball to the RBB

Give him a call, Ange

Top stuff Brisbane!

Is that a ‘booo’ I hear? LOL

The weekend has started well


That was satisfying.

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3 points in the last 5 games for the boys from the burbs. Run into absolute quicksand in the autumn. Clinging onto the 6 but the sides behind have multiple games in hand.

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Nice to see the superfans of the Western Suburbs are already turning on their coach.

Seen stuff about McDonald has pissed off because of contract issues. He is absolutely not needed. To me he stiffles what Moon is trying to do and has prol felt he needed to be played because he’s Scotty Mac.

Danzagi is fantastic and Champness fits so much better in behind in space. Mebratu is a top player to bring off the bench too.

I know its still two hours before kickoff but have MVFC managed to concede a goal yet?


It doesn’t look like they have.