Week 7 - 2020/21 Discussion

Friday 7:05pm - Adelaide vs Perth
Saturday 5:50pm - Brisbane vs Melbourne
Saturday 7:10pm - Macarthur vs WSW
Sunday 4:05pm - Newcastle vs City
Sunday 6:10pm - CCM vs Western United


A bit hard to get keen for Adelaide vs Perth as we just saw them clash a couple of weeks ago.

I can see Castro needing no lube to have his way with that Adelaide midfield tonight, but given Perth only play once this round and have quarantine issues awaiting when they get back to WA, from a fantasy team perspective I’m hesitant to load up on them.

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Meh. The way Perth are set up, goals are going to go flying in. Just not sure which end they’ll be flying in! Have to say though that Lachman was really impressive in the last game.

That’s a very harsh yellow

If Fornaroli doesn’t go rolling around like he’s bread on a kebab, that wouldn’t have been a yellow, which is wrong.

Odds on that being confirmed because they couldn’t find a better camera angle?


Well worked

There we go, nice goal to get us started

Yeah nice play that

Well worked, but Dane Ingham has been so poor in this game so far. An offside call bailed him out of giving away a stonewall, and needless penalty.

Ingham will be Garcia’s next pre-half time sub if he’s not careful

That’s probably true, but I’m pretty sure it was the correct call. It looked like Ingham was the deepest man in the defensive line, and the Adelaide player was half a yard beyond him.

Definitely agree, that’s what I thought too.

With this strong wind at their back, you’d think Perth would shoot from range.

Dukuly hasn’t been good but surely you don’t give young players confidence by hooking them at 30 minutes while you’re 1-0 up.

That’s a fucking horrible call.

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Both teams may empty their benches before half time

Now that is how you butcher a chance

Hahaha at Mauk’s half time interview. Finally an entertaining one.

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Very tidy equaliser from Fornaroli