Week 9 - 2020/21 Discussion

Top finish but Elsey gave him a ridiculous amount of space. Great player though. Really happy to see so many young lads with African heritage coming through as well - always a good thing when ‘new’* ethnic groups become a big part of the football community.

*Not sure the right phrase for this.

A Socceroos squad with Toure and Kuol up front would be something to see


Has Juric scored from open play this season yet?

What is that music?

Fuck this VAR shit is tedious. Play on cunts

Surely not another penalty

Three bullshit penalties from bullshit VAR decisions

Fuck this

I love this fucking league



I think the first two were the fault of the ref. Just absolute rubbish calls for the first two pens. Very poor.

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Jeopardy theme song

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Appropriate - common sense is in jeopardy with those decisions.

Should be more than six minutes time added on

For the first two the ref made the initial mistake but VAR failed to identify the howler in both decisions. For the third there was enough doubt for the VAR to go with the ref’s initial correct decision to play on.

I only really have an issue with the second pen
First one was soft, but you deserve to give away a foul when you lunge in like that and don’t get the ball.
Third was a charge down - just a question as to whether it came off his own leg/foot beforehand.

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One of the most entertaining seasons i can remember


What a cracking game, even with ludicrous pens

Sydney is now equal top in points per game.

Love the stat they just displayed for Juric - “3 shots on goal”