Wellington Away 2019

I’m going, should be a cracker and perhaps the last chance to do this trip.

Which of the games? I’ll be making my 10th trip for the January game.

Yup the January game.

I really wish we’d done a National Service there, got sick of waiting for it so me and a mate are going.

Nice. If you need any tips I’ve have many.

I’ll be there in Jan. Planning a few days in Napier as well this trip.

I’m doing a hit and run mission to Blenheim for some wine before I hit Wellington.

NZ can’t be considered for National Service. :wink:

Thinking about it, just a challenge to swing it past the missus as if the January game is to be done then it’s going to be a round trip via Melbourne for ROSPROD. That will in turn end hopes of another ACL trip next year.

Mostly I’m looking for other things to do around Wellington, day trips etc. We’re there for four days I think.

Zealandia is great if you like the nature stuff.

plus there are breweries, many breweries.

If you’re into some of the movies they’ve worked on, Weta Workshop do a great tour.

You could probably spend a whole day at Te Papa is you want some culture. If the weather is good head up to Mt Victoria lookout for amazing views or go a walk along Oriental Bay.

Pass. Hobbits can eat a dick.

I think we’re going to try and do some hiking, definitely Te Papa and maybe go to some of the wineries/breweries etc.

Any recommendations for strip clubs will also be appreciated.

Te Papa is good. The war museum up on the hill was also excellent last time I was there - Peter Jackson did it all like a movie set, so you walk through various times/locations. Not sure if that was a temporary thing or not though.

Can’t help you with strip clubs sorry.

That’s Hybrid’s specialty :wink: I remember there being a couple at the top of Courtney Place but no idea of the quality.

I’m sure we saw one of the players stumble out late one night?

Surely not in the Arnie era?

The players are usually out and about post-game somewhere near Courtney Place (Bangalore Polo Club or similar) though my last trip I think it was some other place on The Terrace.

RE: ahem gentleman’s establishments, I only recall the big one on Courtney, it’s got a mermaid theme / name which escapes me. I’ve shared a cracking anecdote about bumping into Disco & Jade North there before, but last two Welly trips I’ve taken birds with me so it’s been years. Quality way back then was hit & miss, not a patch on Kittens in South Melbourne where a (midweek) lap dance remains the best $50 you’ll ever spend.

Also, any night out on Courtney Place requires at least one round at the Welsh Dragon. It’s mandatory farken.

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To get into a slightly different and very funny view of the place, it’s good to look at Old Gormsby. Priceless viewing:


Isn’t Gormsby set in Auckland?

Good question! He does make a comment about South Auckland schoolgirls but the actual location of the school(s) is Wellington (from Wikipedia):
The program was filmed at two disused schools in the suburbs of [Lower Hutt] the first season at Wainuiomata Colleghttps:e[[3]] and the second at Petone College.

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