We're only human: the VAR thread

I’ve got a way to fix all of that in one fell swoop.

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Yep, all of the above… the World Cup seemed to be able to make quicker, better decisions, but they also did not reprosecute minutiae… it seemed to be closer to the commonsense interpretation of the rules. There were a couple of iffy ones where the host seemed to get the run of the green, but by and large it was ok.

I think they will just announce the decision once it’s made, which will just make the process even longer. There’s lots and lots of talk between the ref, linos and the VaR, half of it is unintelligible, etc… it’s not like cricket that you can go through the same steps every time.

Football has so many aspects, to consider, I reckon it would make things worse. I suppose they could toggle the Mike on/off, but that would be a recipe for disaster.

I thought it added very little to the experience during the WWC. A few occasions I saw it during the WWC, the ref said something along the lines of…

‘After reviewing the footage, the VAR has determined there was contact and has awarded a penalty’

This adds nothing more than what a whistle already indicates.

That’s why I think turning the mic off for that discussion is a good idea. And if it was on for that, it would likely further embarrass our officials who are already not looking all that competent.

Didn’t the A-League do this previously? I thought there was a point where they were publishing video footage of the discussions between VAR and the ref after games and people were generally supportive of this. It at least gave some sort of idea as to what was going through the ref’s head.

I only saw it in a doco they did on a ‘behind the scenes’ view of a ref… I think it was Jarred Gillet before he went to the UK. I remember being a bit surprised as to just how much ongoing chats there were between the officials as well as with the players.

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It’s still shit.


Couldn’t agree more Joe.


If the Premier League gets rid of it, I guarantee most of the world will follow. That said I can’t see them getting rid of it though, at the end of the day it’s not like it’s meaning people don’t watch the Premier League and the amount of money at stake with wrong calls in the Premier League is astronomical so I suspect they’ll vote to keep it.