We're only human: the VAR thread


Better thread title suggestions welcome, but I had to put something in to reach 15 characters.

I noticed that the FFA have put up a couple of videos of VAR decisions so you can listen to the officials having a chat. Probably hoping to ‘go viral’ again.


The Stamatelopoulos one, while the correct decision, seemed a bit weird to me because 1) we had been told that the VAR was to stay out of the yellow/red grey zone for sliding tackles and 2) the VAR recommended a red card twice, which goes against the training I received as a (very junior) ref in which we were told that the assistants should describe what they’ve seen to the ref but not suggest a particular decision or sanction unless the ref asks for an opinion. Once the ref was at the screen I expected to hear the ref talking through the video he was watching, not the VAR continuing to make his case for a red.


I’ve always been taught to recommend a colour of card.
As a ref I would expect an assistant to tell me that they thought something was worthy of a red.


Okay good to know I’ll try to put that earlier training out of my mind.


I dont want to be that guy but Im going to be:

Guess you could argue I made that one as a “VAR got stuff wrong again” whereas this seems a more wholesome angle.


Oh thanks, I thought there was one already but couldn’t find it / forgot what it was called. Mods please merge.