Western Sydney Wanderers Thread- Cosplay Ultras Edition

How will they go this season? New coach with some astute signings but hes also already had a bust up and released Baccus, bought in Mahazi and decided most of the squads wingers arent up to scratch.

Also this needs a better title- best I can come up with is Gonebau

Western *suburbs wanderers

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There’s a video with some footage of the new stadium. Looking forward to away derbies next season! Interesting that the majority of one side of the stadium is dedicated to corporate suites - I’m curious as to how that influences the atmosphere. The article also mentions that there’s a dispute between The Eels and the government over the rent, as the state government has increased it from $70k to $210k a week. It doesn’t mention whether WSW have similar concerns.

All their talks tonight of boycotting to show their hate for VAR sounds like a cop out to supporting a team in the rough patch. At their peak they really did have a good active support before they got their massive superiority complexes. Its now nothing and theyre deserting their club in droves. Wouldnt be surprised if lots have rediscovered their “love” for Sydney fc

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Yep. I know a bunch of wanderers supporters of varying levels of interest, most of whom would stand with the RBB at games. Hardly any of them go to games now, despite religiously going in the first couple of seasons. The majority were new to the A League (EPL fans), others had loosely supported Sydney FC but hadn’t gone to a game in years and didn’t really associate that strongly with the club. Not all of them lived in the west, but claimed some sort of affiliation with the west (sometimes in stupid ways, like, “my grandparents lived there” despite the fact that they grew up in Epping).

I’ve asked them why they don’t really go to games any more. The responses vary. The common thread is that it was fun for a while but they just kind of got over it (that’s pretty normal for any “new” thing, there’s a hype cycle, and it’s inevitable that after a while people will lose interest. But an interesting thing is that a fair few of them were saying that they were sick of the RBB’s antics and didn’t really want to be a part of it anymore. So through all of their self centeredness, the RBB have alienated themselves from a lot of fans. Even with the new stadium, I don’t think they’ll ever reach the heights that they had in those first two years. There will definitely be another period of hype when the new stadium is opened and it’s a novelty to go and seem them play there, but then the interest will wear off again and the crowds will diminish.

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They are up there with one of the worst sides I’ve seen in the A-League. There are serious issues within that playing squad and they’re either being completely over-coached and their every action micro-managed or they’re receiving no tactical instruction at all. Babbel looked like a broken man last night, 2 games in, and I’m sure he’s found it difficult in recruiting the players he thought he could get. I can’t imagine his ideal CM pairing is Keanu Bacchus & Rashid Mahazi.
They’re playing a very rigid and defensive system yet we still manged to go from our box to theirs 3 times through the middle with 3 or 4 passes. Their backline was routinely broken by a simple ball over the top or in behind the fullbacks because they’re playing to high and are to slow to get back and cover. Buhagiar would have killed it last night.
Baumjohann, Bonevacia & Oriel Riera all have quality but don’t seem to have any chemistry at the moment. They’re also the only 3 goal scoring threats they have, Sotirio is rubbish and while Kamau or Fitzgerald should replace him, they’re hardly goal scoring threats.
This is the 3rd rebuilding year in a row for them, that’s no longer rebuilding that’s a club with no direction. They seem to think everything will be rosy with a move to the new stadium but I think we have shown that turning a slide like they’ve been on around is a long process, not something that happens in 1 off season. Their fans are deserting them and after another terrible season won’t be lining up to buy memberships for the new stadium. A poor start next season along with a Macarthur team coming in and they’re playing in front of 8k-10k for the next few years with all the potential of the new stadium lost.

Thread title suggestion - ‘Western Suburbs thread: now boycotting spheres’

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The stadium looks decent but the one thing I hate about it, is that the bottom tier is so small compared to the top. The bottom tier looks way too small. The RBB will pretty much have to go onto the second tier to fit everyone in, unless they want to span the entire length of one end of the lower tier. Seems stupid to do that because if everyone is so spread out like that, makes it impossible to coordinate chants. Like some of the derbies where the cove stretches 4-5 bays, the bays on the sides are often woefully out of time. Surely would’ve been better to have more rows in the bottom tier so the active fans can pack into the bottom tier and not have to be so far spread along the bottom tier. I can’t really see the RBB having fans in both the top and bottom tiers so seems like not an ideal design because they will most likely ending up being really spread out along the bottom tier.

Mate, there’ll be 4 of them left by then.

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and that’s when they WON’T be protesting

Every team has their drop off in support when they drop off on the field. But theres is definitely a much steeper decline then most teams seem to have

Still, membership numbers are pretty impressive. Either these people are in cryogenic suspension until the new ground, or the counting of memberships is inflated by a lot of minor, non match attending categories.

I know a few who have kept club memberships at the expense of season tickets, supposedly that will maintain their loyalty RE: allocation of seats at the new digs without having to actually bother attending in the meantime.

I also think alot decent Wsw fans have been turned off the club by the antics of the RBB. They don’t want to be associated with that type of behaviour. Especially families with kids

Can we get a thread name change? Their proper name is Western suburbs

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If I did that I’d lose the moral high ground of calling their supporters petty and silly when they call us Easts or Smurfs

They’ve only brought great shame to the Republic and so should lose association with it.

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These sentiments are reminding me of Northern Spirit.

They didnt build this with the ‘RBB’ in mind

I’m guessing you mean there needs to be a special reserved area for those who wish to boycott the games?