Western United Thread

If they can actually build their own stadium and if they can survive what I expect will be a rough few years playing without a fanbase in Geelong then this could be a fantastic club.

Whether they actually pull it off is another question though

So you’ve got Melbourne city who have never had an identity or any real home.
Now west Melbourne who have no identity and no real home.

Why the fuxk are they giving clubs to Melbourne?

I will never forget David Gallop’s “market of millions” speech a year or two ago. Such a load of shit.

The good old “fish where the fish are” quote. Fucking stupid. It shouldn’t be a fishing expedition. Go where the fans are, where they want a club, where they’ll turn up to support and identify with the team and colours on the park.

Canberra would seem to have been the obvious one in that regard. South Melbourne as well. West Melbourne may be in the future. Let’s hope so.

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Not much news out of these guys. Sticca is obviously on top of things (see Fyfe, Iain) but they need to get cracking (5 months from preseason). Wonder if anyone has been signed already and they want to avoid Clint Bolton to Heart style issues.

I’m backing them to work but was hoping for Team 11. The west is very geographically separated from the rest of Melbourne so the parochialism element will serve them well.

The Scott Brown deal was mentioned again recently over in the UK. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s almost over the line.

Apparently they already have an active support group called (at least provisionally) ‘We are West’. One of the guys who organised the Socceroos active end in the Asian Cup is involved.

Scott Brown is an amazingly effective way of alienating non-Celtic football fans and unlike ADP has no cut through with eurosnobs. They seem keen though.

More thinking of players like Calver (as an example only - love him) who could definitely do a job for them but will be locked into a deal at their current club if they offer anything.

Scott Brown’s turned them down, although that may just be negotiations. He’s on his last legs at Celtic, but could do a job here.

Scott Brown will be such a hateable and entertaining character, though, if he can agree a deal to come to the A-League next season.

Arnie would have to be odds on favourite for one of the expansion sides if we choke again in the Asian cup

There is no way he doesn’t see us through WCQ.

Agree. If we struggle over there the injury list is good justification. I’m very much SFC over NT so would rather he stays then comes back to us in a few years.

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It depends on the level of failure in such a circumstance. If, for example, we didn’t make it out of the group, Arnie’s sacked, no question about it.

Disagree. What’s he on, a four year deal? No way he signed a clause allowing them to arse him this early, no way FFA are paying him out, and fucking good luck trying to get Poppa or Muscat or whoever to take the gig knowing that might be the fate. He’s here until the WC either way imo.

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Yeah, I’m with you. Even if we were bottom of the group, he’s not going to get the flick anytime soon. It would be foolish to sack him anyway, he’s only had the squad a few times in camp and while the Asian Cup is important, the focus is also on the World Cup Qualification for which he needs time to build and develop the squad.

The FFA can’t afford someone with Van Marwjk’s credentials for 4 years, and Muscat and Poppa carry the same risks that Arnie does at this level. Arnie has proved himself at domestic level; the FFA at least need to give him a chance to settle in.

The timing of the Asian Cup is always awkward when played in our summer immediately after the world cup. It’s common for nations to change coaches after a world cup campaign, but the Asian Cup comes along so quick that it doesn’t give the nations that participate in the world cup much time to prepare if they have changed coaches.

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Western Melbourne Group have announced John Anastasiadis as their assistant coach.

Isn’t it strange to appoint an assistant before appointing a coach?

That’s what a lot of people have asked - but WMG keep commenting to stay tuned for another announcement. It sounds like they have both confirmed but for whatever reason are announcing the assistance coach first. Maybe to build suspense? Who knows.

If i was a staunch insert team name i’d hope that the coach had a say in appointing his assistant

Maybe the actual coach is still under contract with another team right now, and keeping under wraps they’re leaving at seasons end.