Western United Thread

Might as well get a thread up for their future logo/name/signings etc. Things will have to move quickly.

What even is Western Melbourne? Is it just a fancy name for Geelong?

Its the area between the outskirts of Melbourne and Geelong. Looking at google its an hour drive from Geelong to Tarniet. Its a massive growth area in Melbourne though is as much as I know

But they’ll play in Geelong?

Until their stadium gets built so potentially 2-4+ years. Supposedly the public transport to get to the site at tarniet is pretty non existent currently. Sounds like a very forward thinking plan.

In terms of players they’re were the Melbourne side saying they’d try get Scott Brown from Celtic as a marquee. Spiranovic and Leijer are both from Geelong

Looking at possible geographic names, I see that Indented Head FC would be a possibility, or how about the Werribee Wannabees?

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Does anyone else think this sounds absolutely bonkers?

Their stadium is an hour away from the supposed target market until a theoretical stadium springs into existence?

This seems absolutely mental!

Crazy stuff. The Team11 bid looked way better IMO

Happy for this to be the one away venue I never visit because the last time I spent an afternoon in Geelong I nearly lost the will to live. An absolutely soulless shithole of a place.

Werribee Water Treatment Plant FC.

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Semi off topic but what ever happened to Matt Spironivac? The lad was playing for the Socceroos a few years ago

He’s at Perth, injured though.

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So they were saying on the daily football show podcast that it’s an awkward arrangement with them playing in Geelong during the first few years. People in Geelong don’t like to be associated with Melbourne, so it will be difficult to entice people in Geelong to follow a team with Melbourne in the name. You’re then relying on people in the west of Melbourne being motivated enough to go to games in Geelong (50km away from where the stadium will be built). Once the stadium is built, the business case really stacks up, but the first 3 years will be difficult.


Yep. Big if.

same, save for the reliance on the govt building their stadium. we all know how that can end up…

Werribee Wasters

Sunshine, What’s That? FC

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It’s close to Avalon right? Might be a fly-in-fly-out trip. :grin:

Its a shame Avalon Airport Oval (Chirnsidse Park) at Werribee is such a povo ground. It has lights, a tiny grandstand and basically not much else.

Its physically so much closer to West Melbourne’s actual catchment and would be much better for them as they try to build their fanbase.

But Kardinia Park at Geelong is an infinitely better facility.