What is the pass mark for this season?

Will be an interesting thread to look back on. Id say last season 4th would be a good season for Corica and Il say similar for this season. Cant keep having the success we’ve had the last few seasons (We’re not Bayern/Juventus/Celtic) but still should be up amongst it at around 3rd/4th ideally.

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Yeah, I’d agree, home final = pass mark.

From where we’ve come and how well we’ve recruited (on paper), we really should be looking at top 2 with Perth again. I can see the comp being closer overall but no one else has assembled anything that has me trembling…

But we’ve got ACL again, a newish backroom and injuries may catch up with us for once. And we’re Brosqueless. :cry:

After last season, and with our off season recruiting this year, I’d say top two is where we should be aiming. Anything less than that will be disappointing based on those two things at this stage.

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Anything less than undefeated will be a travesty.

Or top 4 if we insist on being reasonable.

top 4 with a decent attempt in the finals series.

It’s also the first real season that Corica has been able to really imprint his tactics and vision from the squad

I will accept one of two possibilities:

  • Top 2 in the league.
  • Top 6 in the league but get out of the ACL group stages.

It feels like a number of usually strong teams are noticeably weaker this season where we seem at the same level, so top 2 is a reasonable goal. Mind you, if we end up top 4 I wouldn’t sack Corica.


Man the expectations in here are wild!

I’d say our recruitment has been OK at best. I’d think getting to the finals will be a pass. A GF appearance would be more than I expect.

In the short term, I think we should just concentrate on playing well, tbh.

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Top 3 (this is a weak year), competitive in the ACL (not bottom of the group) and put 6 past the Tards again.

Bimbi has got huge credit in the bank. He is unsackable for a good 18mths.

You are being reasonable on the internet.

Do you even know how to internet?

I’d just like to see us play some decent football. Results wise last season we did pretty well but at times the actual quality of our play was poor. Hopefully Corica will have analysed our flaws from last year and will improve on those areas this season. Top 4 would be an ok finish. Although I’m not sure how good of an indicator ladder position is in terms of determining how good we were compared to previous years, especially when the quality of some of the other sides in the league is so poor.

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Man I would love to go on a decent run in the ACL for a change

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Anything less than top 4 in the league would be unacceptable unless we go deep in the ACL.
I wouldn’t give a pass mark if we finish 4th but are far from competitive and there is no deviation from plan A or giving younger players a go.

Last season was lucky. Still had the previous seasons reputation, which gave others a fear of sorts that played in to our hands. We’re definitely a top 3 side still, but much improvement is needed to win ‘everything’. I’m afraid we’re not looking ahead as much as we should. (Not with youngsters coming through) But with how the other teams are setting up.

We had wonderful last few years… we should focus on the next few coming up, as opposed to repeating it this year. The A-league doesn’t tend to have room for any club taking it out continuously. For now…

Of course i’d love to win everything.