Who else qualifies for Dad jokes? - I have kids Thread

First words from our 5 yr old this morning after the Grand Final. Not ‘Good morning’ or anything like that. Simply…“Did they win”?

What a champ.

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My 5 year old daughter asked me why birds fly forwards.

Naturally, I told her to shut the fuck up.

I start work early before the kids get up.
Pick them up from school this afternoon.

Dad, yesterday at the stadium was so amazing.
Yeah it was. Thanks dad


I think my heart just broke…

Expensive city to visit and the people can be a bit dull.

Their flag is a big plus though.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Have a great day with your kids gents :trophy:

I’ve just had a request to watch The Last Jedi so good start to the day :+1:

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Anyone had any luck/ experience with applying for an out of area enrolment?
Im seeing that it’s somewhat like writing a cover letter for a job application, but any hot tips would be welcome.

Probably just be easier to move…

Ugh… Yeah probably.
We’ve been told that’s it’s possible, but unlikely. Also much harder to do since a recent crackdown

Yeah I’ve heard that they’ve been cracking down on it heaps.
I think our school is super strict because they get lots of people living in the dodgier parts of Queanbeyan trying to apply so they might be stricter than others.

Eastwood public had their catchment area changed, reportedly wiped off property values of the houses that were moved into new catchment areas. If you want to go outside your one it’s hard as anything and you need a really good reason to convince them. Might be easier to go private schools? Obviously an increased price there though

A guy sees his Doctor & says “I have a bad back”.

After a quick examination, she says to him “Alas, it’s due to old age”.

He says “Hmmm. I want a 2nd opinion”.

So she says “OK. You’re ugly as well”!

“Get outta here dad!”

So I’m thinking about putting my 5 year old into Miniroos/junior Football this year. Out nearest club is APIA but does anyone have any recommendations or alternatives? Something about a club crowing about imported dirt doesn’t fill me with confidence that the fees are being put to best use

My brother’s kids are playing in Drummoyne if that helps? They play at Campbell Park and it’s always pretty decently organized. There’s also the SFC football clinics playing out of Haberfield at Algie Park.

Also, typical… Spoken like someone who’s never had the pleasure of playing football on Italian Dirt… Just gotta hope they haven’t imported it from Pisa

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In that neck of the woods, Balmain are a good community club, and without needing to pay academy odds, will give an extra day’s non-parent (ie proper coach) coaching for their higher ranked teams in each age group if your kid is on the decent side. In the Leichhardt area, you also have the Saints, just not sure if they do Miniroos.
Just depends how hard you want to flog the football into your kid. People pay shitloads of money to get good coaching 3+ times a week if that’s your thing, but being realistic, you want them to have fun and grow to love the game, and be able to do school properly without getting knackered. That’s up to the parents!

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My 10 year old son told me he enjoyed “the old man music” played over the tannoy at the game last night.


AC-DC, Choirboys, Darude, House of Pain, Eminem maybe other ones.

A 10 year old said tannoy?


No, the old man is keeping old man language alive.