Who is our best ever goalkeeper?

Spin-off to the best 9 as we count down to the season. This one might be a tighter. Kept Vedran on there which I knew would be contentious but hes up there with most appearances by a Sydney FC keeper- lets keep the discussion about him what he did on the pitch for us rather than the departure.

  • Clint Bolton
  • Vedran Janjetovic
  • Danny Vukovic
  • Andrew Redmayne
  • None of the optios

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I’m going with Redders just because of how many saves he’s made from the penalty spot.

Vedran since he went to Wests.

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Now these early results are interesting. In the best #9 Bobo’s immense single season has him trailing ALFs more consistent two great seasons. Here Vuka’s once immense season has him coasting over three options that all gave us multiple good seasons

Either Vuko Bolton or Redders. :rofl:

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I’m going with Bolton for the two championships and the shrug after the clank. Was hard to overlook Redmayne for the Santalab save but yeah…

Much tougher than the #9 discussion - had to go for Vukovic, after the calamity years of Vedran (even on a good day you’d not be surprised by an error) Danny was just SO assured

For me its still Bolton. For these types of “our best ever” Id like at least 2 seasons of longevity rather than a one season hit. Redders could close the gap with more heroics leading to trophies. Vukovic for me has had the best single season but Id have him third in a best of all time discussion

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Tough choice, if the question was “which goalkeeper has given you your greatest Sydney FC memory?” then Vuka’s Grand Final penalty saves would give him the points. But I am going with Redders because he has played longer for us.

3rd date with my partner. Bolton walks into the cafe and once I stopped shaking I ran to the counter and paid for his coffee saying “Sydney FC penalty heroes dont pay for their coffee when I’m around”.

I’ve been sexually active ever since.


I picked Vuka ahead of Bolton because Bolton always drove me nuts with his constant kicking the ball over the sidelines and his aversion for crosses. I never felt worried when Vuka was between the posts and that’s something I can’t say about Bolton.

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Wow Bootsa put out after just 1 coffee?!


Vedran always had a huge error in him but there was that one season where he just kept saving penalties. It was so weird when we would give up a penalty to actually know there was a chance we’d be okay.

I have never felt more comfortable than when we had vuka in goals

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I went with Bolton, but think that Vukas season was the best of any of our keepers. Bolton gets the nod for doing it over multiple years and 2 championships. He did have some nightmares though.

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Dammit, now I want to change my vote to Vedran. Purely due to how much he’s screwed over NWSW.

On a serious note, Vukovic as when he was in goals, he commanded that area and made everyone else his b*tch the moment they came into his box. Easily the most confident of our goalkeepers and he controlled the back line as well.

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I went with Bolton but all 4 were (have been in Redders case) fantastic for us.

3 had iconic penalty moments:
Bolton’s shrug after “clank”,
Vedran’s “put it there” psyche out of Mark Bridge, and,
Redmayne and Santalab’s panenka.

The most iconic moment for a SFC GK though, for mine, is Vuka playing with Harley in front of The Cove after the GF. If anything better symbolises the change that the club had gone through since that Adelaide game then I am yet to see it.


I always go with the if my life is on the line and I’m picking a team who do I want model, makes it very simple:

Kms of distance
Galaxies away

Plus the one season of Vuka was such a big difference in quality, went into every game not having a single worry.

Redmayne is approaching that but still not there yet

Bolton I was nervous everytime a ball was crossed

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