Wilko announces retirement

Deserves it’s own thread I think.

5 times A-League premier.
3 times A-League champion.
2 times K-League champion.
Represented his country at a World Cup.
Champion of Asia.

630 games across his clubs.

What a fantastic career and seemingly a pretty good guy to boot.

Thanks Wilko!


It’s a sad day. He’s probably one of the smartest and cleanest centre backs we’ve ever had.


Who takes over the captaincy?

Grant? Brattan?

You’d assume Grant, Brattan or Redders? Would like to see Grant purely as part of his career progression. But can see it going to Redders or Brattan

What a servant, what a player

Good to see the club trying to keep him involved and also going to give us the chance to thank him next season


Bona fide SFC and A-League legend who will be missed. I wish him the best on his post playing career. Hopefully there will be some opportunity within the club.

Was he the last man standing from A-League season 1?

I thought he was given Reddy’s retirement, but I expect someone a bit for more familiar with those early days might correct me?



Yep Vuka is the other one

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So fucking good. What a guy.

Greatest ever Sydney player not named Brosque or Grant


Look, Simon Colosimo, but yes. Absolute legend.

Hard pressed to disagree

Colosimo and ‘clean player’ are concepts I find hard to reconcile.

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He cleaned up Archie in a GF, that counts.


Top career, best centre back that we will see for a long while.

His partnership with Bujis, don’t think any other pair beats it in the history of the league.


Easily makes the All Time Sydney FC 11, and seems like a genuinely good human.

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And on another note, his work with the PFA as president, where the Socceroos took easily the most effective and ethical respectful stance of any team in the WC on the whole Qatar thing was absolutely on point and they did it without being holier than thou or disrespectful, and it left the team able to concentrate on their football.


I was hoping he’d go round one more season, but unfortunately it’s not to be.

Cheers Wilko, absolute champion :trophy: