World Football Transfer Thread

Thought it’d be easier to have one generic transfer thread rather than spreading them out for each year to clog up the forums.

I’ll start:

Mbappe confirmed he’s moving to Real Madrid on a free transfer once the window opens.

Do Madrid even need him?

Apparently on 15m Euros a year which doesn’t seem that much compared to other players on the surface……but also a sign on bonus of 150m haha. Not sure if Madrid are trying to do something dodgy or if it’s common practice

I don’t think it’s that dodgy. They’re supposed to be paying the sign-on bonus over 5 years, similar to how transfer fees get amortised over the length of contract (why Chelsea are dishing out 8-10 year deals), so I’m guessing €30M per year will count towards FFP spend instead of the whole lot in this one window. It’s just going into Mbappe’s pocket instead of PSG’s.

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Yeah, a free transfer often sees the player taking a portion of the money that would’ve gone to the selling club.

There’s got to be some reason they do it that way. I suppose if Mbappe wants his full 150m, he needs to stay at the club.

La Liga do have a spending cap for each club now. It would seem to include sign-on fees, which should surely count as expenditure.

The latest data regarding allowed spending cap. It must be pointed out that Barcelona have far exceeded this and have to make cuts before they can spend in the transfer market:

Id say it’s purely for FFP as well as not having to organise $150mill straight up.

Mbappe to Madrid is a boring transfer for Madrid- he needs them far more than they need him. Theyve already got Vini whos likely to win the Balon Dor this year and theyve got Bellingham who’d be up there too. Probably better to be looking for a CM replacement for Kroos (though I think the plan is to just play Bellingham deeper which seems a waste)

They obviously won the Champions League without such a player, but Mbappe will reliably score 30+ a season if fit, which you can’t really say the same about any of the others in that squad, as good as they are. So it probably is an improvement for them to have Mbappe, actually.

True you don’t say no to the best player in the world. Just more that they’ve got the two favourites for the balon dor this year and both will have to take a reduced role to fit Mbappe

Chelsea have signed Tosin Abadrabioyo on a free. Theyre now getting linked by reputable sources to Jhon Dhuran, Michael Olise, Estevao Willian and less firmly to Osimhen.

On the flip side Aston Villa getting forced to likely sell Douglas Luiz to Juve and Dhuran to Chelsea because of FFP despite making champions league.

Makes little sense - what am i missing

Chelsea sold the hotel attached to their ground to another holding company of their owners… Nothing to see here

The other thing they have going for them is when they sell their academy graduates it counts as 100% profit.

If they sell Conor Gallagher for £60m that entire amount goes into the profit column for next season.
If they sign 2 players for £30m each on 5 year contracts then it only counts as £82m in losses for next season.
They’re +58m for the season.

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