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The area they told them to get the fuck out of and would presumably need to get past the IDF lines to do so. Sure that wont result in a bloodbath.

You’re saying that like it’s not part of the plan.


Turkey-backed groups, Assad and religious groups would all rally their supporters around war with / irregular conflict with Israel. It’s basically the one thing which could bring them together. The only ones who aren’t likely to be interested are the Kurds.

Ancapistan seems to be going well…

This was their version of Trump wasn’t it?

Sort of. This guy is at least an economist of sorts. Don’t think he was a populist like Trump, he was more anti-establishment because he truly believed it, rather than using it to get into power

How would that be down to him? He’s only been in charge for 2 months and there was the Christmas period in that time. Your think it would have been next to impossible for him to make any immediate changes.
Surely it’s a result of the previous administration.

I guess devaluing your currency by more than 50% overnight has an adverse effect on the livelihood of everyday citizens.

To fight hyperinflation, hyperinflation is necessary. As the inflation is higher than ever before, it is a tremendous success. He’s an economist in the “High Priest of Capitalism” sense.

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exactly what toffe wrote. He devalued their currency. Worst thing is, he was pretty open about doing it all

Wasn’t Argentina’s economy down the shitter in the 80s when the country was ruled by that military junta, and the way they decided to solve it was to go and invade a bunch of Islands in the South Atlantic?

Should the Falklands be worried?

I think the military is going to have its hands full stamping out protestors and striking workers at home.

This is a good explanation of Argentina’s problems

If I remember right he also abolished price controls on some pretty fundamental stuff right? Those two things combined happening immediately are going to tip a lot of people on the fringes of poverty off the cliff.

The last time I was in Argentina was the early 2000s when they unpegged the peso from the US dollar, and the economy went into free fall. Riots and deaths on the streets of Buenos Aires. Fun times.

Everything had to be paid in USD, which I didn’t have enough of. I tried to exchange pesos for dollars only to be laughed at in one bank. I ended up at an exchange place that had the rate on a TV so you could watch the value go down in real time.

An amazing steak was $3 … small consolation.

Thankfully some of his really damaging and awful legislation changes have been rejected so far by the government. He won’t get any of his batshit crazy or regressive changes through, and he’ll fail on fixing the economy which was one of his big selling points.

Hopefully the people will turn on him and realise the fraud he is and he’ll be gone as a footnote in history.

Not sure how much of his insane economic policy he’s managed to ram through. He basically wanted to implement “shock therapy”. Privatise everything, gut the public service and government spending, sell off every public asset to foreign investors, think every shitty neoliberal austerity measure all at once.

There’s historical precedence on what happens when this sort of thing is implemented. The largest drop in living standards and life expectancy outside of war times in modern history, enormous transfer of wealth from the middle and working class to a handful of oligarchs, insane corruption, etc.

I don’t think there’s much chance he sees out his full term, there’s a non-zero chance his recent conversion to Judaism is so he has somewhere to flee to when the public inevitably wants to drag him out of his sister’s bed in the middle of the night and beat him to death in the streets.

Once again, demonstrating that democracy simply doesn’t work

We should definitely give socialism a crack.


The “funny” thing is that the people voted for him. He was VERY open with his policies and what he wanted to do… Now the people get to live with this crap.

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You’ve got poverty going over 50%. Poverty can often lead to feelings of helplessness or hopelessness. Desperate people are going to react emotionally. They obviously thought the system, as it was, must have worked against them. After all, poverty was still very high before Milei won the election. Nonetheless, they’re finding out pretty quickly their emotional response to vote for Milei was a bad one.