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Well there goes his career I’d say

He should’ve banked enough now to not need to work again.

Shit, thrift shot royalties will probably pay the rent for years yet.

What’s the point in having fuck you money if you don’t say fuck you every now and then?



I initially thought that was a huge pencil in the third frame and was trying to figure out how it fit in the theme.


John is a man of focus, commitment, sheer will… something you know very little about. I once saw him kill three men in a bar… with a pencil, with a fucking pencil. Then suddenly one day he asked to leave. It’s over a woman, of course. So I made a deal with him. I gave him an impossible task.

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Saw that this morning. The Prime Minister is very much Right wing and leaning heavily towards Russia/Hungary. He’s trying to currently pass laws, that would give the Government full control over the media.

Looks like Israel is very much attacking Rafah. They’ve closed off the main crossing point from Egypt and tanks are in the outskirts. They’ve killed a UN Security Officer after his car was shot at by a tank.

Even more horrific, lots of video footage being shown of Israeli civilians stopping urgent aid trucks on the border and destroying the food that was meant to go to starving civilians. Even footage of kids getting in on the action. While I know he most likely won’t respond, would love to get @pietro’s views on this…


With all due respect, I don’t particularly care for pietro’s opinions, nor do I want to prod him to respond.

Israel will continue to carry on in this fashion so long as the international community allows it. They should’ve started stepping in about three months ago, when it was obvious they were just clearing everything in Gaza for a massive land grab, not to mention partaking in a bit of genocide on the side. Any semblance of a serious rules-based order is absolutely dead, buried and cremated.


More just interesting to see the point of view from someone very much on the other side. I honestly don’t think anyone in my circle of associates is actually Israeli, and it’s interesting to here the other point of view.

What’s going to be telling, is what happens with the US on this one. Biden has already blocked a shipment to Israel. The House has voted legislation that would stop him from doing so again. It’s unlikely to pass through the Senate, however he’s already indicated that he would Veto the bill if it does pass through. Considering that Biden publicly stated he would stop shipments to Israel in the case of a Rafah invasion, I’d say it’s very much time to do that…

Very randomly, the Israeli Minister of Defence has hit out at Netanyahu. He wants him to publicly state there will be no military rule of Gaza, no civilian settlement and that Israel will help to install an alternative government to Hamas

It would be interesting if he didn’t dismiss anything as anti-semitic if it is not sucking off Israel’s behaviour.


Even our government is getting in on distancing themselves:

Asked if it was appropriate for Payman to use the word genocide, Defence Minister Richard Marles said: “it’s not the word I would use”.

What fucking word would you use Richard? They’re bombing and killing anyone that fucking moves. They’ve blocked off electricity, aid and medicine. They’re killing UN workers that are there to help the civilian population, all the while, giving people a day to walk a few hundred kilometres to get out of the kill zone. What fucking word describes the process than genocide?


Well as long as it’s not called genocide it’s not really a bother right?



Fixed it for you. These aren’t civilians, these are parts of the settler movement that have been armed by the state since Oct 7 and even before that had a blind eye turned to their atrocities in the West Bank and against Palestinian citizens of Israel.

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